Get installed updates list from windows

Hi ,

Please refer below procedure to get installed updates list,

Note: Scripts work for both logged in user and system user

import os
import ctypes
class disable_file_system_redirection:
    _disable = ctypes.windll.kernel32.Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection
    _revert = ctypes.windll.kernel32.Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection
    def __enter__(self):
        self.old_value = ctypes.c_long()
        self.success = self._disable(ctypes.byref(self.old_value))
    def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):
        if self.success:

with disable_file_system_redirection():
    print os.popen(r'wmic qfe list ').read()

Sample output

20170515-Get-installed-updates-list-from-windows.json (1.01 KB)