Cant understand how to enroll device to desired group. Station always move to one group. I can’t choose another, I also cant move it later to another group. Why?

How I enrolling:

  1. Device manager - Choose group - above device list press button Enroll device.
  2. Bulk installer - choose group - downloading installer.

PCs never enrolled in chosen by be groups. Why?

Hello @Sergey ,

Are you getting an error message whenever you try to move one device to another group or it doesn`t just work at all?
For additional information you can also check this guide,

and here`s how I do it on my end:

  1. Go to Device management click the check box beside the device you want to move.
  2. Click More (upper right hand corner) > Owner > Change Owner
  3. Type the Company name or the Owner of the company.
  4. This will bring your devices to default group under the company you selected
  5. If you created other group under the selected company, lets say the name is Group X :
    “Group X” > Group management > Add Devices to group > choose the device > Add selected devices > confirm

On the other hand, regarding…

We have created a support ticket for this concern and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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