Help push RepairShopr Intergration

The subject says it all - here is the link - edited* no promotion allowed edited**

Doubt that it will happen, to busy hacking together a mish mash of open source products into an abomination…

@sysut1 ,

Thank you very much for providing us your suggestion. Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of C1 for the entire community on this forum. We have submitted your request to our product team where they will review your suggestion. We will provide you an output once available. @rockowwc We humbly respect your statement. Our Product Developers will provide an answer if this idea would be possible or not.

RepairShopr looks like a good platform for the start-ups and small smb shops - and IMO a good fit for Comodo One MSP. And - " it couldnt hurt " :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello @sysut1,

We have forwarded your additional info to our product team. Thank you for your suggestion.

@sysut1 @rockowwc ,

Our Development team acknowledges all requests and will perform an analysis if the functionality is possible or not. A long-term Pipeline is being studied in this kind of integration.