How can I test the antivirus/ antimalware protection and how to optimize profiles?

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Thank you for your valuable suggestion!
We’ll consider this need and analyze it in depth to add it to our roadmap.

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Can you tell when the subgroup will be created and filled with the prepared documentation?
"[I]12-15-2021, 10:27 AM
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We are currently preparing all necessary documentation for a subtopic “Best Practices for Configuring Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection”. It will be ready very soon.

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As someone who has sold and configured the solution for around 7 years, any changes made to the Comodo default profiles potentially reduce your level of protection.

If you have any doubts about changes you have made, revert to a default profile and carefully make changes, perhaps with the help of support.

Hi @nct ,

I know that, but that was not the purpose nor the question.
I also have used this product for around 6 years but in the past I’ve had a major outbreak of a ransomeware virus, when I already used a default ‘hardened profile’ on advice from Support.
Now I still have a hardened profile and did some malware test and they were not caught.

The default profiles exists already for some years but aren’t being updated or changed with new implementations. So they are outdated for many actual threats and not using the latest protection features.

As there are still more features implemented, it would be a great asset as these implementations can be discussed in a subgroup so everyone can use these features to maximize their profile.