How to close RMM Generated Ticket

I know I’m probably missing something simple but I don’t see the capability to close an RMM Generated Ticket. There is neither a checkbox nor a close icon for those tickets.



Hello @PilotNoel ,

Tickets generated by RMM is exactly the same as any other SD ticket and can be closed from the ‘Close’ button:

Please let us know if this helps.

Hello @PilotNoel

If the ticket is assigned to another technician, you will not be able to close it on his behalf. We can see that you blurred the “Assigned to” section

Hello @PilotNoel ,

Please check in the “Paused” section of the Tickets area, if the tickets are paused you will be able to close them only after you resume them. Please note that only the staff the ticket is assigned to can resume it, and also, you need to make sure the following option is enabled: Admin Panel - Settings - Tickets - Stopwatch - Enable stopwatch (available to staff assigned to the ticket).


To add to this thread, is there a way to bulk close tickets? I am cleaning up our tickets, there are over a thousand RMM generated tickets due to memory usage on workstations. Would like to bulk close them rather than individually doing it.


To help make things faster please try to use the filtering options from the tickets section:

Hi Dylan,

They are paused and here is the ownership:

User: Email: Organization:
Default User (107)

Hello @PilotNoel ,

The ticket owner is the user that created the ticket. The staff that the ticket is assigned to is listed under “Assigned To:” section. Please note that since the last update, the Stopwatch has been disabled by default, to re-enable it you need to go to Admin Panel - Settings - Tickets - Stopwatch. It needs to be enabled in order for the assigned staff to be able to resume the ticket.

All of the RMM generated tickets are assigned to PsiDesk and I am logged in as PsiDesk and there is no close or edit button visible.


Hello @PilotNoel ,

From your previous posts I understand that those tickets are paused. In order to be able to delete them, you have to resume them first. Have you resumed the tickets and you are still not able to delete them ?

I have 101 paused tickets. I feel like we are going around in circles.

Here is what I have done:

  1. I have enabled the stopwatch
  2. The ticket is assigned to PsiDesk and I am logged in as PsiDesk
  3. The counter shows 00:00:00
  4. There is no Edit button, no Delete button, so how would I unpause them?

How do I resume the tickets?

Ok, I see I have to start the timer and save the timer to be able to delete the ticket. Is there no easier way to be able to edit and delete the RMM Generated tickets?


Is the issue happening only for the tickets created before a specific date, or with all the generated tickets from RMM. At the current time there is not a bulk way of unpausing the tickets but we would like to know if there is a pattern that might point to the root cause.


For the new tickets, you can select the tickets from ticket inventory and close all selected ones with one click like below.

I cannot close auto RMM generated tickets as I cannot select them. No check box on the left column.

Hi Mikael,

Sorry to hear that. Support team will contact with you and get this resolved.