How to create parameters in procedures to send an alert depending on an event

Hi Everyone

I wonder if you can help, Im not a developer so my knowledge of python is very low. i want to configure a procedure to send an alert if that event is met.
it requires me to insert a parameter in order to add that procedure to the monitor i created.
the event in question is event 1074 which is a restart.
ive made the adjustements to the procedure and it works but i am unsure how to configure the parameters or what parameters to add inside the procudure script itself.
Parameters tab says i need to add itsm.getParameter(‘parameterName’) but i am uncertain how to proceed.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Realming_Grape

You can refer to this link:
Please create parameter for event id with type ‘integer’ or ‘unicode’ as per the script requirement.

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