How to filter tickets in the service desk

The “Ticket filter” available in the service desk helps to configure the" filter actions “and” rules" for ticket automation. Thereby you can easily manage the tickets.

The filter actions like automatically assigning the certain ticket to a particular staff or department, setting Target Channel, Filter Status, SLA etc are configured as below and based on the rules the actions will be applied to the ticket.

Step [1]: Go to “Admin Panel ” -> “Manage“ -> “Ticket Filters “ menu. The list of created ticket filter will be loaded, if available.The filters can be sorted using the sorting icon next to the column header.

Step [2]:A existing filters can either be “Enable” or “Disable” using the Enable and Disable button at the top.

Enable : Select a ticket and select “Enable “ button to enable the ticket.

Disable : Select a ticket and select “Disable “ button to disable the ticket.

Example :Enable a Filter

Example : Disable a Ticket filter

Step [3]: To add a new filter, click the Add Filter button at the top.

Note : The Incoming filters will be filtered with the criteria mention in the Filter rules and Filter Actions will applied to those tickets.

The add filter has four main sections

1.Help Topic Information:

2.Filter Rules:

3.Filter Actions:

4.Admin Notes:

1.Help Topic Information:

       The help topic information has the following fields,

Filter name : Enter a name for the filter.

Execution Order: : The number ranges from 0 to 99 and it determines the priority of the ticket.Lesser the number, higher will be the priority. If you don’t want to prioritize then choose the box “Stop processing further on the match!”.

Filter Status : You can choose either “Active” or “Disabled”

                                                        Active    - Ticket is in active state

                                                        Disabled- Ticket is in a disabled state.

Target Channel : Select the source of the ticket.Some of the target channels are Email, phone, other.

Example For creating a Disabled ticket Filter:

2.Filter Rules

The rules for the ticket filter will be defined here. Based on the rule chosen, the filter actions which you will define in Filter Actions will be applied to the ticket.

Rules Matching Criteria:

It has two options,

  • Match All - If all the defined rules are matched, the filter action will be applied.
  • Match Any - If any of the defined rules are matched, the filter action will be applied.

One More rule:

Click the “one more link” link to define the rule.

  • Select the search parameter in the first drop-box
  • Select the condition (which it should meet) from the second drop-down.
  • Enter the text/pattern that needs to be searched.
Illustration for Rules Matching Criteria:

Filter Actions:

1.Reject Ticket: If enabled, the further processing of the ticket will be rejected.

2.Reply-To Email: If enabled, the automated mail will be sent to the mail from which the ticket was raised.

3.Ticket auto-response: If enabled, the auto-response will be disabled.

4.Canned Response: select the canned response type, it will be sent to the user. These type of canned Response can be created in (Service Desk->Staff Panel -> Knowledgebase ->Canned Responses)

Illustration for Canned Response:

5.Department: The ticket will be filtered based on the department to which the ticket has allocated.This department helps to route the ticket to the staff.

A department can be created from Service Desk->Admin Panel →Staff →Departments

6.Priority: Set the priority level for this ticket.

7.SLA Plan: Select the SLA plan.The SLA plans are the time period within which a ticket should be attended and closed.

You can define your own SLA in Service Desk->Admin Panel →Manage→SLA Plans.

8.Auto Close:If enabled, the ticket satisfying all the condition mentioned here in the filter will be closed without any processing.

9.Auto Change User:If Enabled, the Ticket assignee will be automatically changed to selected Assignee.

10.Auto-assign To: Select the name of the staff member to which you want to assign the ticket.

11.Help Topic: A help topic can be selected by users while creating a ticket .It helps to identify the appropriate source of the issue.

If the help topic is not selected by the user, we can set the help topic to be used through filter.

Example :Create new ticket filter form

Delete a Ticket :

Step 1: Go to “Admin panel ” -> “Manage“ -> “Ticket Filters “ menu. The list of created ticket filter will be loaded.Select the ticket and click delete button.