How to license my clients? How do you do it?

I want to start to deploy the payed version of CCS to my clients.
But how do I keep track of how many active clients I have per customer? And when their license will expire?
Do I have to do it manually or is there a way to have an overview and/or report?
I’m going to have a mix of clients who want to be billed per year or per (3) month(s).

I see some MSP’s here on the forum with hundrerds of devices. How do they do it?


Hi @ailan ,

We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update as soon as we can through email. Thank you.

@Jordan_C @ailan We purchase our licences per customer form the UK distributor and they notify us annual for renewing. On the ITSM console you can’t allocate licences to specific clients yet, but there is a feature request for this to change.

Thanks for your response.
That’s strange. The CCS is free for 30 days.
If I want to use it longer I have to buy a license for that device.
How does a device then know thats it’s licensed if there is no way to assign it to the device?
And when it’s expiring?

It’s very hard to find info regarding licensing. Only that you can upgrade or buy one.
To use it as a reseller/MSP is nearly impossible at this time.

Hi @ailan

Which country are you in?

The Netherlands

Suggest you contact the Comodo distributor for pricing.

Thanks Nct.

I will do that if there’s no alternative. I was looking for a Dutch reseller and I already contacted the Comodo Sales.
I can buy the licenses myself now but then there should be a way to assign the licenses.
If the trial version of CCS is 30 days, then there must be a way to assign the license. It doesn’t differs where it’s bought from.

That’s why I posted this in the MSP section: I can’t believe that I’m the first who’s having these questions…

I don’t believe they can be allocated per customer yet. If you speak to Dan @ VCW they have a great renewals system for reminders etc.

Hi @nct ,

For now it doesn’t have to be per customer.

But practically: how do you do it now if you enroll a new computer with the CCS (antivirus) client?
Officially it’s a 30 days trial.

Do you just buy a license? And thats it? Is it only an administrative handling? Because you can not assign it to a device.
So that means that is doesn’t matter if you buy a license or not for the client because it’s not aware of any licensing. Or that you take a risk and the client will stop functioning any moment after 30 days…

@ailan The client isn’t aware of the licensing through their use of the product, just the MSP from the way we use it. I suggest you contact Comodo and arrange for them to walk you through the product. I have tagged the Product Manager for C1 who should be able to point you in the right direction for training. @Ilker @Ilker_Simsir

Thanks for your action. But I don’t want a (one-one) training. I’m already talking by mail with Support. If my question is so difficult that I need multiple supportengineers and a walkthrough, just for a licensing question, that thats not a good sign.
This explains why I couldn’t find any info regarding licensing on the site.
So I prefer to handle this via forum or email so other persons also can have the benefits of these posts.

I posted this in the MSP section because the licensing part is something that all the MSP’s will have to deal with. Isn’t it?

So I hope to hear how others are doing it.

@ailan I was just suggesting you speak to support to obtain advice in an easier way, but also for training how to configure Comodo Client Security. We purchases licences for clients and when supplying new equipment, check if they need to purchase more or not. For renewals, our distributor notifies us when they are due and we invoice the client. Once we receive payment from the client we renew the licence.

Not sure why this is complicated. You need the same amount of licences to match the endpoints with CCS installed.

when you on board a client just purchase the licences required. And so on and so on. You can see the licences and the expiry dates in the ITSM portal.

Hello guys, I am new to comodo so basically I am trying to understand everything works, and I have the following question. if I have a customer A with 100 endpoints and customer B with 25 endpoint, and customer A just want 50 advanced licenses and customer B wants the 25 endpoint with advanced licenses, how can I distribute the licenses that way?, thanks

Hi @lbadilla, since the licensing is done via the portal, if you add both licenses in the portal you get a total number of seats for that portal. The MSP can purchase licenses to fill the seats requirements for all of it’s customers but cannot assign a specific seat from a specific license to a specific customer.
Basically if you buy a license with 50 seats and the company for which you bought it only enrolls 25 devices, you will have 25 consumed seats and 25 remaining seats. You will be able to use the other seats to enroll devices from another company.

Buy the 75 licence. Then install the 75 CCS. The remainder won’t need licencing as CCS isn’t installed.

Comodo licence is currently on a trust basis. Whether this changes remains to be seen.