How to reduce SPAM hitting your inbox

Real life scenario of using Korumail AntiSpam engine from Comodo.

This has been life changing for us, keep up the good work Comodo!

Where do you host this service ??

@melih please try and make these available in the azure market place!! :wink:

great to hear! We are always here for you developing world beating innovation.

It can be deployed either on-prem or cloud hosted. The hosted solution is fully managed service on AWS, and also this is integrated with cOne.
Do you have special requirements for Azure ?

Yes as Microsoft partners I can run this under my credits. If I just else where it will cost me.

all Microsoft partners have the same so it could be a big plus…

Currently we have our own data centre where its located, but we have started using OVH for VoIP PBXs so might go same way

We an MS partner, but dont think we get anything like that. Just had my CSP renewal exam come through :frowning:

Do you pay for the action pack? It’s about 350 per year. Gives you all the licences, server , exchange, office , windows. Office 365 and £75 per month of azure credits!! :wink:

We do indeed…
Never seen the £75 worth of credits though

Will re-look at that then, thanks for heads up.

@melih and team, Azure??? lolol

Being honest though, with Azure i’m guessing you can upload / mount a remote ISO to install so nothing needed from Comodo?

NOPE :frowning: there is no way to boot from an ISO, the only way is to upload a vhd then you can create a VM from that image.
I am going to try this way now, BUT if these can be published in the marketplace it make deployment a breeze !!!

p.s @StrobeTech

Np, we will provide it on Azure and AWS marketplace.