How to reinstall agents?

Where I can take ITSM agent install package for already enrolled device?

Hello @Sergey ,

Are you talking about the Bulk Installation Package section?

I think yes. But if I will run this package at early enrolled device - ITSM manager will add new device or assign this installation with early enrolled device?

Hello @Sergey ,

Running the CCC installer on top of an existing setup will simply fail, so the device will not be added again. Basically, nothing will change.

No, asking about other. What if reinstalled OS?

Hello @Sergey ,

The endpoint will show up as unavailable first and after you reinstall the agent on the new OS, the endpoint will become available again.

Hi @Sergey ,

Here is how to deploy security client to existing enrolled device (I hope I understand your question correct)

Found, thank you, but 1.5 hrs ago I started this installation and still “Command In The Queue…”

Hello @Sergey ,

What are you trying to deploy ? Are we talking about the CCS or about the RMM Agent ? Could you please clarify ? Thank you.