How to update file ratings in order to reflect the same ratings in all devices

Admins can manage file rating also under the Device Detail>File List view. This will allow admins to take action more quickly on the files collected from the endpoints. Admin ratings provided in this view will be also reflected global view under Security Sub-Systems>Application Control view so that the admin would not need to take the same action for each device.

Note: If the File List tab is not found on the device details page then you need to install Comodo Client Security - Please refer the link for more details ITarian Forum - ITarian Forum

Step [1]: Goto Device Details > File List and Select the files collected by the CCS

Step [2]: Click Change Rating icon and select the option you would rate the file - you can check the rating at the column ADMIN RATING of the same table, this will be immediately updated.


Rate File as Trusted - Admin confidently believes the file that will not harm the endpoint

Rate File as Malicious - Admin surely knew that the file will harm the endpoint ever

Rate File as Unrecognized - Admin is not sure on taking decision on the file behavior

For example, If I update the file as Unrecognized then the file is also being updated for the same ratings in our global view also - To ensure the same, Go to SECURITY SUB-SYSTEM > Application Control and select the same file you have rated then check the ADMIN RATING column has the Unrecognized.