I need assistance with Service desk

Hi! This service desk poses as a very nice and good tool for customer relations. However, i’m currently experiencing a few hiccups in using it. WHen a ticket is generated by the user, i want i and my SOC team to be able to receive email alerts on ticket creation and update, Also, when we reply a ticket, the email sent to the customer tells the customer to reply by just replying the mail. But in this case, we never see the reply because the email used is sd-noreply@c1notifications.com. We can’t access that email. I also want to change the default system email to our own custom email but this is not possible. My list of questions is quite long, is it possible to schedule a session with support on this? I’m sure you have the answers to my questions…thanks!

Hi @chales

We already send an email to you about your request for remote session.

Hi, a member of support already had a session with me on this. However i still have a question left. When a user creates a ticket, all comodo one staff get the alert of the new ticket created. Then a technician claims ownership of this ticket and replies the user(client). Now the client gets an email alerting him of the response to his ticket by the technician. But below the mail it is written that the client can respond by either replying the mail thread or logging on to the service desk portal. My issue now is that when the client replies the mail thread, nobody gets the message. Even the admin and technician. and the message does not get registered on the service desk message trail. Please i need a reason why this happens. Most customers find it difficult to log in to the service desk portal to reply tickets…they prefer to just reply mail trails. Thanks in advance…and yes thanks to damon and jordan for putting me through!!

Thank you @chales ,

I will send you an email regarding this issue since we might need to schedule another remote session for you.

Hi @chales

Just checking, but did you try adding your own email address for communication ? https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-…ng-Emails.html

All emails send to this address would be captured and placed as a new ticket or reply to an existing ticket.

Also, regarding notifications, you can use these settings to configure who would get what kind of notifications: https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-625-7866-Configuring-Alerts-and-Notices.html