I shut off the ability for users to submit tickets

from the system tray how do I reenable it?

Havent been able to find where I changed it…


@Velvis , We’ll take note on this and we’ll keep you posted.

If I am reading this right, you went to the profile that is associated with the devices, go to UI Settings, and make sure that you have filled in the box that says Show communication client tray icon. I believe this would be the location for this.

EDIT: I had the wrong info, accidentally put the info to turn security icon on and off!!

Hello @Velvis,
Do you still see the ‘ITSM icon’ on the system tray?
If not, you can enable it by going to Start > All Programs, then click the COMODO folder > Comodo ITSM folder > Settings.
There will be a pop up window for Comodo Client-Communication Options, kindly select the check box for ‘Show tray icon on the taskbar’.
It will enable the ITSM icon on the system tray and you can send ticket again.

I attached a screenshot as a guide.

Please let us know if this answers your question or if you need further assistance.

CCC settings.png

CCC options.jpg