Important operational workflow - Please read, Your input is needed.

Hi Guys,

As you know our goal is to make your life much easier and more profitable! So help us to help you achieve that.

Here is how----> We want to identify tasks you do everyday (Your input needed: Post below which tasks you use/do regularly/everyday)

We will then make sure these tasks are the easiest in the market place compared to any other RMM vendor! This way you will have the most efficient, easiest to use, most integrated platform in the world…and yes for Free!

here are some tasks we came up with: We will update them with ones you post below

  1. Setup a new location/customer
  2. Setup a new device
  3. Respond to device error
    a. Resolve an issue by running a procedure
    b. Remote control a device to further diagnose
  4. Respond to a device infection or breach
    a. Disinfect the device
  5. Perform Daily/Weekly/Monthly maintenance
    a. Respond to auto generated tickets
  6. Record and respond to a new customer call by opening a ticket
    a. Follow up and resolve ticket
    b. Enter documentation
    c. Enter time
    d. Enter expense
    e. Enter any parts
  7. Schedule work force for daily work in the SD
    a. Schedule and assign in coming new tickets
    b. Respond to escalations.
  8. Biz dev activities in CRM
  9. Contract creation and management
  10. Invoice and Billing

I will put this in the order that i more commonly do (EVERY DAY):

b. Remote control a device to further diagnose
4. Respond to a device infection or breach
a. Disinfect the device
3. Respond to device error
a. Resolve an issue by running a procedure
5. Perform Daily/Weekly/Monthly maintenance

thanks for that.
anything else that we haven’t covered that you do regularly?

@soporte2 Thanks for the valuable input.

Would you mind also detailing about which step do you follow for below items?

  1. Respond to a device infection or breach
    a. Disinfect the device
  2. Respond to device error
  3. Perform Daily/Weekly/Monthly maintenance

If you can educate us on this, we can create a smooth and fast workflow in our product to save you more time.


Ok So here are a few suggestions.

  1. Reset local password for a user who is not on a domain that can’t login.
  2. Reset a password for a user that is on the domain. I would love to see this as an option when you connect to a domain controller.
  3. Go onto client sites and need to schedule and track time while onsite.
  4. Pull reports with the description of the work done and the time that is billable.
  5. Add machines to an existing client. Would like to see it not require sending a link. It was better with RMM before the switch to itsm with the joincomodo link.
  6. Move machines to the correct client if they were joined to the wrong one. Can’t see a way to do this now.
  7. Forward emails a client sends me to the ticketing system. The system we currently use does not auto apply to the correct client. Not sure if comodo does.
  8. Save login details for equipment that we manage and sites we access.
  9. Save license expiration times and domain registration renewals. And get notified when the dates are coming up.

Any update on the white labeling of comodo agents and site links? Really want to see that happen.

Got plenty more things but wanted to bring these up.

  1. Add ticket for device (choose device - then press “Open ticket for it”)
  2. We can’t use C1 SD because it cant manage user access rights to PCs
  3. Issues is very often happens. Right now we again can’t use C1 because it dont work at ALL our PCs.
  4. SMART monitoring
  5. One-time agent for setup PCs of one-time clients
  6. One-time remote support agent
  7. Please, publish “Procedures library” where we can share useful procedures (and C1 functionality for import/export these procedures)
  8. Button “Install Comodo Backup and make backup” :slight_smile:
  9. Ierarchy list of organization.
  10. Custom fields for users, organizations & devices.
  11. SLA - still associates with departments. But in real life - SLA must be associated with customers. We can create separate department for every customer but it wrong way.
  12. RED BUTTON! located at customer’s desktop - customer press it and we got a message
  13. Integrate Comodo backup control interface to IT&SM
  14. Offline devices (monitors, network devices, etc)

great feedback, please keep it coming guys.

Great feedback, here is my comments:

  • It is on roadmap, let us see if we can deliver it faster as a procedure template
  • Same with #1
  • Did you tried Comodo ONE Mobile? Could you please share how can we improve that or Service Desk to help you better on this request? (
  • I believe it is already doable with ticket report. Could you please share how can we improve that to better address this? (
  • I believe this is also delivered with latest ITSM release, could you please check it out and let us know how we can further improve this? ( / Show enrollment instructions option)
  • It is also doable as of today by changing the owner (a user from the relevant client) Please let us know if this is not sufficient and if we can improve this (
  • You can achieve this by sending to specific queue (email address) or if the user already registered under that client, it will automatically apply the correct client. Please let us know if you need configuring this.
  • Good suggestion, It is already on roadmap
  • We have a roadmap item for application licenses and also device warranties. We will also add roadmap item for DNS.
  • Whitelabeling is also on the roadmap but until we deliver it, do you think that new User Interface options would be handy? (
And waiting for more items to discuss and collaborate :) please share them with us.


Hi @Sergey , thank you for your feedback as well.

Here are my comments.

  • We are working on opening tickets from tray icon as user to release soon. Also, creating ticket from device menu is on roadmap. Let us see, if we can increase its rank on roadmap.
  • Could you please elaborate on that? What exactly is missing and how do you want that to be designed?
  • Please get in touch with us on every issue. Despite everyone's all efforts, issues might happen and we are here to solve them for you. One by one and all of them...
  • On the roadmap and has high ranks to deliver soon.
  • On the roadmap
  • Goes hand to hand with #5
  • You can always use forum ( for that. We are already sharing a lot and all requested scripts and would love to see your inputs / contributions as well.
  • Sure, we will put that on to the roadmap
  • Already on the roadmap
  • Could you please elaborate a little bit more on this? Where do you want to see these fields and which fields are necessary / beneficial exactly?
  • Good point. Could you please provide a few use cases for us to work on?
  • We are working on tray icon / submit ticket function as mentioned on #1, but please let us know if it is satisfactory or you need something else.
  • Sure, we will put that on to the roadmap as well
  • Could you please elaborate on this as well? What do you want to see / do about offline devices? Inventory?
Best regards, Ilker
  1. Technicias must see only tickets that assigned to him. Also he must see only devices, assigned to tickets, assigned to technician.
    Customer 1: PC1, PC2, PC3
    Customer 2: PC4, PC5, PC6
    Customer 3: PC7,PC8, PC9

Ticket 1 from Customer 1 for PC2
Ticket 2 from Customer 2 for PC4
Ticket 3 from Customer 3 for PC8

Technicians 1 & 2 can see only tickets, assigned to them.
Ticket 1 -> Technician 1 - Technician 1 can see only Ticket 1 and PC2 in devices list. Technician 1 can’t see other tickets and can’t see PC1, PC3-8 in devices list.
Ticket 2 -> Technician 2 - Technician 2 can see only Ticket 2 and PC4 in devices list.

Technician 3 can see only Customers, assigned to him and all devices of customers assigned to this technician, and all tickets from these customers.
Technician 3 assigned to Customer 3
Ticket3 from Customer 3 for PC7< Ticket4 from customer3 for PC8 - can see Technician 3 only.

There 2 access modes - access via assigned tickets and access via customers assigning.
This features need because there are diferent departments who do absolutely different job. And more - outsourcing technicians (freelancers), we dont want show to they all tickets, devices, customer info, etc.

Fields access - manager must see all ticket’s info. And technician not be able to see customer’s contact info.Only device, text of problem.

C1 now is usefull for inner IT-departments. But not suitable for service providers, who work with outer customers.

  1. We still can’t use C1 at all our PCs. I already send problem information to your support stuff.

  2. Different organizations need different fields. Static set of field - you can’t do it well for any service provider. Needed functionality for manual add needed fields and setup access rules for them.

  3. SLA. Customer 1 pays $10 per month and we provide for him SLA999(1 month to resolve :slight_smile: ), and Customer 2 pays $10000 per month and he has SLA-right-now! But both customers work with same IT-department of our company. Customer payed for SLA - he get SLA.

  4. DIsplays, Printers, etc. Be good if (for example) ROUTER1 down and C1 check all PCs, linked to this router as PROBLEM (for example).
    Also need functionality to add devices to C1 without full enroll procedure. For example - run at customer’s PC generic C1 agent and in agent’s interface enter all information about this device.

And one more - in ITSM Reports Hardware report don’t have any hardware information :slight_smile: Why it have “hardware report” name?


Thank you very much for the detailed answers.

  1. We will analyze this further to reflect on roadmap but our priority is settings access rights on organization (Customer) and device level. We will also check how we can deliver the ticket level.

  2. I am sure our team will come back to you with results soon if not already. Please let us know if you need anything additional.

  3. We have these customizable fields and further details on CRM module. Did you try that? and if it is not satisfactory, do you want to same / similar functionality on Portal or Service Desk?

  4. Clear :slight_smile: As of today, I see 2 way of doing it. Creating departments based on SLA levels for auto assigning the relevant SLAs to ticket. Or selecting the relevant SLA level when you are creating the ticket. We will also check how else we can design this for further flexibility.

  5. This would be achieved with SNMP monitoring that we already have in roadmap.

  6. Is this like custom inventory item? couldn’t understand what do you mean with generic C1 agent. We already have communication agent that might serve this goal but I might not get the full purpose.

  7. We will improve that report type and content :slight_smile:


[!!!] 3. We still can’t do “Take over…”
10. You provide limited vTiger version. I think this is bad idea. Because “CRM - Orgaizations” → we can’t look tickets, devices, etc. No integration. I think be better to extend functionality of service desk module.
11. OK, but same customer can have PCs with different SLA. We must create different departments for PCs of same customer? Workstations can have one SLA, but servers have higher SLA. Repeating - in real life SLA must be associated with Customers and PCs.

Hello @Sergey ,

We have contacted you by email regarding the issue #3
Looking forward to your reply there.

Another great input,

  1. This means that SLA per customer is also a wrong assumption. There would be multiple SLAs per customer. When you think of other use cases, do you think that we can automate this decision based on some criteria? what those could be? Customer + Device Type? Customer + Issue type ? Customer + Department ? any or all combination of those? What else?


  1. Can’t see issue mail from you (issue #3).
  2. I can’t see other SLA associations except SLA->device. But if think a bit, SLA->Customer is also may be good. We can describe SLA like: “SLA1: Workstations {services}. Servers: {services}”.

And please fix our RMM agents…

Hello @Sergey ,

We have contacted you by email, on the same email address you’ve used to sign up for this forum regarding the Takeover issue. Please check your inbox for emails coming from

Question about some functionality.

How about dashboard with:

  1. Devices with “Days without any service”
  2. Free system partition size
  3. Temperatures
  4. Tickets frequency (per customers, categories. etc)
  5. Devices with HDD SMART alerts.
  6. CPU usage, memory usage, network
  7. When power supply is almost dead - power lines voltages become unstable and lowing. Exists opensource utilities that allow to monitor motherboard channels voltages. Is it possible to monitor this voltages?
  1. Inventarization book. Generating devices report - Group, Place, Hardware, Software, Closed tickets report (book).
  2. Alert “New application installed by user.”

Hello @Sergey ,

We have contacted you by email regarding these last two posts. Please respond there so we could facilitate implementation/the requests! Thank you.

Will make separated post about new application installing.

Users - our enemies :slight_smile: When user installed new application - we must know about this event. Is it possible to see that information (alert) at dashbord?