Impossibile to add new customers

Hello, I succesfully added a couple of new customers in C1 but they don’t show up in RMM application. Any reason ?

Hello @datalink ,

Are you referring to company from New Comodo Remote Control app?
Or you mean you add devices on ITSM and not showing to your New RMM application?
Will it possible to send us screenshot of the issue?

For your convenience, here`s more information regarding New Comodo Remote Control app.


Hello, second one :
Comodo One > Management > Customers > New Customers ->Correct, the customer is added and it is present in the list of customers.
Comodo One > Applications > RMM > Wrong, the new customer is not shown among the company groups

Hello @datalink ,

Thank you for providing us the information.
Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.

When adding customers you have two ways of adding them: -

  1. In the C1 dashboard
  2. In the individual applications

If you add the customer via 1 the customer will be added to all applications and count as “Managed”, but if you added them in method 2 the customer will only appear in the local application only.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Robin for the explanation.

I’m also having an issue with adding customers. If i try to add a customer in the C1 portal (not ITSM or CRM) by going to Management > Customers and adding the company, the company doesn’t appear as an option in ITSM either for enrolling devices or creating users.

Hello @curatrix_pl ,

Support team will get in touch with your shortly via email to get some information needed for the investigation.
Please feel free to reply at your convenience.
Thank you.

Thanks @Jay , responded with the requested information.

Hello @curatrix_pl , Paul,

Thank you.
We have received the information.
We`ll get back to you as soon as possible.


In ITSM you just get a folder created in the devices list for the company, you then have to add users to that company from within ITSM. Once you have the user(s) you can then deploy to them.

You have two ways of structuring this…
1 user for an actual user/employee
1 user for the business (eg the director)

If you are deploying to mobile devices and use the 1 user method like us i would suggest you then add a user for each person with a mobile device.

Hope this helps.

In the end, C1 Support had to rebuild my RMM module to nclude our missing cusotmers. Seemed to be a broken link between C1 and RMM.

@curatrix_pl ,

We understand that this had been the outcome of the issue you reported. If a sync issue occurred upon creations of customers on a certain account, we direct it our Product Developers for any coding bottleneck that needs to be cleared. Please do not hesitate to report to support if such issue arise again

thanks for letting us know