Incorrect domain categorization

Hi people,

I’m seeing a lot of incorrect categorization (hilariously so, in some instances), but my Googlefu can’t seem to track down the correct area to report these.

An example of these would be;

Action Category Destination Reason Network
BLOCKED Pornography A
BLOCKED Pornography A
BLOCKED Adult Content A
BLOCKED Pornography A
BLOCKED Adult Content A

While I love that webroot got blocked, the fact netgear was blocked is a bit more serious.

Any place I can report these?

Hi StevieG,

Thanks for the feedback. We notified the team and they will get this fixed asap.

Meanwhile, you can use to check categories of the domains you wish and report correct categories.

Thanks @bulut - just what I was after :slight_smile:

Love it, my support ticket about sites ignored and they had a check / report site all along.

Hi @StrobeTech

Can you please share with us the ticket that was opened for this concern? We will request it to be expedited with our development team. Thank you.