Initiate 3rd Party Patch Scan

Hope I’m not missing this, but it would be great to have a script that initates a 3rd party patch scan.


There is no existing script for it @artichoke but third party application patching can be initiated through the Patch Management.

@Rick_C Thanks, but what am looking for is a script that will perform the same function for 3rd Party patch scanning as this script does for OS patch scanning:

Any update here?

Hello @artichoke

We have started to analyze to get the command variable that will act as a bridge between the endpoint and the Endpoint manager. Very soon we will give you the script.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Hello @artichoke

Good day. We regret to say this since we don’t have any command lines to initiate 3rd party OS scan it’s not possible to achieve it via script. But as you know, we have that facility in Endpoint manager to do 3rd party updates effectively. Kindly please do take advantage of our Endpoint manager’s availability more.

Thank you very much. We expect your supportive hands more to spread our ability.