Install Endpoint Manager Client on 2016 Server Core

Or at least a list of requirements/HowTo.
Usage: Secure AD-sync.

@fve ,

As of the current functionality, we do not support Server Cores utilizing non-GUI installation. However, our Developers are still considering analysis on this request on our Long Term Roadmap Timeline.

Server Core is Microsoft recommended installation scenario of servers since 2012 R2 so get onboard. And this is just a loca server GUI perspective which is not needed, its a Remote Management and Monitoring tool we’re talking about there

Hi @gojj, we appreciate your feedback and rest assured that this will be forwarded to our developers. We have also created a support ticket for you regarding this feature.

This is the feature that I am hanging out for the most. It’s critical that I am able to monitor my Hyper-V hosts, which are all Core installations.

@CorrieB ,

We have added you on the loop to keep you updated of this functionality request. We will provide an update once our Product Management Team releases an accurate timeline implementation of this feature.

So basically it will never happen, i have seen posts for this dated back to 2017 asking for core support.

Hi @gojj ,

I totally agree with you, we should have this implemented. I’m reviewing the requirement why it’s not been implemented yet.

we hope to deliver this feature shortly, and surprise you (in a positive way) :slight_smile:

get wget in powershell then download and run it as a msi installer. I’ve done this on our hyper-v host and it works I can see the gui but thats not an issue for us as I just look at the log folder and event viewer.