Installers security

Bulk installer silently doing it dirty business… What if our bulk installer get some body from outside? How we’ll know about new installations? How we can block bulk installer?

If you use our Endpoint security, then any new unknown executable being installed will be reported to Valkyrie and if you have access to that you can view it. When it comes to application control, our Endpoint security is literally offers you the strongest control and enforcement available in the market place.

Was many enrollments - no one notification…

Hi @Sergey

What is the attack vector here? “Someone stoles your bulk installation package to enroll his devices to your portal”? What might be the motive?

Motive - bulk installers with integrated end-point security. Every installed EPS decrease available amount of licenses at my C1 account.

Hello @Sergey
We will try to find a solution for that. It has been forwarded as a feature request and we will keep you updated.

Hello @Sergey ,

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of the feature that you have requested (Ability to revoke User tokens) is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due on Q3 2017.

We appreciate your patience and your understanding in this matter!