iOS app?

A quick search reviled that they were planning on a Q4 of 2016 implementation of the remote access option from an iOS device but I see no further information about it. Any ideas on when of if this will be available?

@carls ,

We understand how our MSPs are eager to see the roadmap availability of this feature in production. As of the moment, our Product Teams are still under discussion on this request under a midterm goal. Since the Roadmap is an everchanging timeline of activities, the only thing constant is improvement. If all goes smoothly, we can make it happen within a midterm target 6-12 months. We have included the request for Android Devices on this loop as well. We’ll keep you notified of any news concerning this request.

Thank you for the rapid response! If you need beta testers let me know please.

Any progress on this? Again I am willing to do testing if you need beta testers :wink:

@carls ,

We apologize for the delay in our response. Our Development Team hasn’t confirmed yet a timeline implementation on this. However, we did inform them of your good offer :wink: