is cDome/DNS Down?

Came back to lunch and and no one could resolve DNS. Had to change my DNS Forwarders from Comodo to OpenDNS to fix the issue.

@rawtech ,

We have forwarded your report to our Product Development Team and have confirmed some latencies from our back end affecting some users. They are currently engaged in having the service up and running as soon as possible.

I have always had issue with this service. I was on the phone with an engineer, a week or two ago, and he talked me into trying it again. I put one very small location on the servers, and sure enough within a week, it is down again. I have moved all my locations away from it again, as comodo just can not get DNS right. Always have issues with it.

Up and running as soon as possible does not cut it, continuity is a must for us. I would recommend pulling the service, or labeling it as Beta, until you can get it figured out, it has made my services look rather bad a few times. I would like to receive notification of when the service is out of beta version though, as it is an important service for many. I am also concerned with trying to use cwatch and other similar services, as I fear that they will also have these results, and I am needing a service like the cwatch or NxSIEM implemented very soon.

Ya, I have to agree. Similarly, I want to try cWatch EDR but after talking to some Comodo Employees, it seems that no one knows anything about it. Why release and sell a product without completing corporate training?

LOL, I have been told more than once that someone would be in contact about the service, and have never heard anything. I would really like to get everything under one panel, but it has to work, and someone has to be able to use it, and train and assist with it.

We have some outages from some specific locations mainly from United States right now. It is temporary and we are resolving that very soon.
Shield/SecureDNS service using anycast network that has geo-location based routing, in normal cases the traffic will route the next possible up PoP
we are in transition to extend the PoPs significantly that will resolve all. I will let you know

For cWatch EDR: You can ask questions here, it is newly added product so it takes a while to properly
train all Comodo employees. Please use that threat and if you need some sales or technical representative we will arrange it.

Thanks for the update. As for cWatch EDR, from a customers perspective, I would generally never recommend releasing a new product until Account Managers/Sales/Customer Facing Engineers are up to speed on it. If I ask about it and someone can’t tell me anything then I’m going to question the product and Comodo for putting the cart before the horse.

Also, the cWatch EDR Product Page on Comodo’s website claims that you can setup cWatch EDR to email you alerts when something has been detected. I have scoured EDR for over an hour and have yet to find this setting.

In short, it has me wondering if I’m being sold a Beta Product.

I don’t say that to be rude but to be bluntly honest because I would really like to see Comodo succeed in the MSP Space =).

For EDR, the email notifications is being developed right now, it will be release by mid July. With an option that customization of notifications for all alerts raised.
Regarding notifications, currently it is being notified within the application so I think that makes the confusion. We are implementing Alert Action Management module that
deliver all.

Btw for SecureDNS/Shield, we are recovering, it will be completely come to Green status in half an hour.


Thank you for the cDome update.

What I was referring to was the 3rd paragraph on The cWatch EDR Product page states “Alerts raised upon the policy set create e-mail and SMS notifications to reduce the reaction time.”

I assumed that meant cWatch EDR could send me an email or text message when an alert pops up. If the product page states that’s a feature then it should be there, not down the road.

Yes this is coming with next release. This time product marketing acts just before us :slight_smile:

Huge investment is being made into upgrading hardware and adding more locations. You deserve the best and we will give you the best!

On DNS the problem has been resolved completely. Sorry for inconveniences. Necessary precautions has been made…

Regarding Shield/SecureDNS service, it has been used more that 2.5 M users around the world every day and here as you can see: Comodo’s SecureDNS service has been listed as notable Secure DNS providers. So definitively not a beta product, even some of the big telecom providers using our service.

Due to some hardware, routing issues or cyber attacks, we might experience some temporary or location wise problems like today but as Melih said, we have been investing a lot and tripling our infrastructure and PoPs to have much more fault tolerant and resilient service. So tune your DNS to us and stay with us :slight_smile:

Is Comodo having issues today as well? I think there is a major AWS issue today - are you guys utilizing them for your backend?

@maximillianx ,

As of the moment, the service is not yet 100% restored to full functionality. We have only one small service on AWS (providing Shield block page). All remaining are on separate servers.

The DNS traffic is not routed to AWS, we have our own PoPs so the traffic and browsing performance is not effected.

We have the customer portal and block page on AWS, for those due to AWS routing problem, some regions might have some issues to access the portal only.