Is it possible to create recurring tickets?

I’m trying to find a way to create recurring tickets. For example, I need to perform a backup test routine that happens the first Monday of each month and don’t want to have to create a ticket every time I perform this task.
Is it possible? I need to track down the hours used for maintenance tasks so I can generate a report to my client.
Any ideas?

@bravonet ,

We understand that you are needing convenience on a certain task which requires getting back to existing tickets having not to start from scratch. This feature is projected to be delivered from our roadmap by our development team this Q32018. We will provide you with a notification and updates about this feature.

Although not a deal killer this certainly would help a lot. I currently have a rule setup in outlook to do a similar task. I have my outlook Send a new email to the Service Desk first Monday of every week.

@itnv ,

We understand that this functionality would be useful as well on your productivity. We have added you to our loop to keep you updated on this feature.

Hello all, just wanted to see the current status regarding “recurring tickets” (this means you have daily/weekly/monthly activities you want tickets to be auto created for in a time-frame you define)
It doesn’t look like this request here was picked up or integrated or i haven’t managed to find this elsewhere on the forum.

Any advice would be appreciated

Hello @halian ,

This feature request is currently on our long-term roadmap. We will inform of any news regarding this request.

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