issue with android application store

I’m trying to add an application from the android store called “Tech Anywhere”. I can find it on my phone but not when I try to add it via the add Google play application. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @reinamsp
It is possible that this application has regional restrictions (ex., for UK and some European countries only). Hence, the ITSM portal is unable to find the application entry in the Play Store. The ITSM portal’s search function is based on the cloud server locale where your C1 account (or more accurately, the ITSM module) is being hosted currently.

It is still possible though to add the application by manually entering the necessary information (App name, version, main thing - etc). After which, it will be deployed to the enrolled Android devices. If your attempt to add the app fails using this method, please inform us and we will forward your concern to our developers for further analysis.

Hello @Rick_C ,

I tried following your orientation on the previous post, but could not find the app or add it manually, when I advance to the next field, the previous one is erased. I don’t know if the process has changed since the date you posted it back in 2017.
In my case, I’m trying to add the app UPSIM, id, current version 1.28.6
Can you please help me with that?


@Mauricio.Souza ,

Please review this help guide in Adding Android Apps. Please let us know if this suffices your query.

Hello @Jimmy ,

I’ve tried it before, and I can’t pass the “Name” field, since the app I’m looking for will not be displayed. If I type “upsim” directly from an android device, it is displayed correctly, but it is not displayed in the ITSM Android Store dropdown box. I believe it has something to do with the fact this app is restricted for my region (Brazil).
Is there something else I can do? Below is a print when I try typing “upsi” to get the app listed.


2019-03-07 09_22_28-Endpoint Manager - Add Google Play Application.png

@Mauricio.Souza ,

It might be a possible region restriction. We have communicated with our Product Developers to assist us further for any other means of getting the application added. We will coordinate with you via support email for further correspondence. Can you please share the google play URL of this application?

Sure, it is