Issue with users and company links

Hi . I noticed a problem recently. Any time i want to download an agent for manual installation, i use any user to do so. But now when i try to do so, i get this error saying “user and device group must be in the same company”. i went back to check which user is part of the company i want to download the agent for but users are in all companies. As it is now, i can’t download any agent because i can’t find a suitable username to use. Also as admin, i cannot delete users and i don’t know why. I created users using business email and made them technicians but i can’t delete their accounts. I created other users and gave them the “user” role . I created them with private email addresses and i can delete them. I really don’t know what is wrong but it’s quite frustrating over here.

I always experience issues after any update to c1 portal. last time all the agents went offline and i had to go to each client and install manually one by one…now this is happening. I need to download an agent for an endpoint that "mysteriously " went offline and now i can’t…Hoping to get a reply soon and fast enough as usual.

Hello @chales ,

Sorry for the inconvenience it created.

We want to investigate your case and we will get in touch with you through email shortly.

Thank you.

I’m with the same problem here, do you got some solution?

I’ve been contacted via mail… Hopefully a solution should come in shortly as usual…

Hi @Rincat ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Hi @chales ,

Rest assured that we are doing our best in order to resolve the issue. Thank you.

Hi @Rincat @chales

When you choose an admin user with the right company label as a “user”, do you still get this error?


Yes…Asides this, i can’t delete users, i can’t send password recovery email to some users. I think something is messed up here.

Hello @chales and @Rincat ,

For your issue regarding users and company links, getting error : “User Device Group, must be member of same company”
We already updated your tickets but for your convenience I will also post it here.

When creating the bulk installation package the user and the device group must be member of the same company.
This is how the ITSM console was designed. As a workaround, please create a duplicate user under the company that you want to use to create the package.

To @chales

Will you please tell us if you are still experiencing this?
Are you getting an error message?
if yes, can you provide us some screenshots?

Thank you.

This workaround works. But before now, any email could be used to download agents for any company. It must have changed after the upgrade.

Hello @chales ,

We’re glad to know that the workaround we provided helped. I will update the ticket that was created for this issue and we will update you as soon as possible via Email.

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.