Itarian Billing Model Change - 2022

Wow, awesome, thank you for the suggestion, will check them out for sure!

Today from bad to worse …

and JPG upload in forum keeps failing.

Today my portal is still “ItarianMSP” and is unusable:
on any link:
the left click is OK
the right click - open in new tab opens the itarian portal login page.

Some questions (as a customer) for AMS or Itarian:
Whats going on?
May I have my Comodo/Xcitium Portal BACK?
Will I have the RMM functions back? (as in the Xcitium portal)

Please note that does not have Remote Control capabilities, which must be purchased separately from ConnectWise Control, which does not have a free plan.

So, depending on the way you use the platform, it may be worth keeping Comodo One, ITarian, Dragon, Excitium or whatever the marketing team decides to name this platform the next time.

Just my personal opinion.

– Javier Llorente

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This is a pretty naked cash grab and I sincerely do not appreciate this. The only worthwhile feature of the half-baked ITarian RMM solution is that it’s included with Comodo AEP. At this point I might as well just go with a separate RMM and EDR.

Same for other RMMs I tried. They attract you with a fantastic low price but then you discover that some important tools are external and you have to pay them also. This can be good or bad, good because you are free to choose the tools like antivirus or remote control that you prefare, bad because you have to deal with different vendors.

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Good point! But, that is why I also have been looking at Action1 RMM, which does have Remote Control and is completely web-based, which means I can remote on to a machine from my smartphone or iPad. Between Bluetrait & Action1, I have 90% of what I have been thus far using Comodo One \ ITarian for. As both of those alternative RMM’s are 100 endpoints free and very active in their roadmaps for new features, it may not be long to fill in that 10% gap. I’m evaluating both and we’ll see.

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still no answers :frowning:

Its quiet on here for sure.

I have had some contact with Robin finally with pricing - was after the so called deadline.

But as mentioned above the portal changing was a red flag as well as many other signs, or lack of communication.
One day Itarian, next Excitium/Comodo no new profile sections to even edit, then back again a few days later!!

Itarian was always my second RMM, and in most cases I thought it was worthwhile as I have worked out how to get what I required from it (mostly), the AEP is fine, the rmm a bonus so to speak, the remote is very good, just lacking copy/paste/large file xfer/auto reconnect.
The new android app is almost the best I’ve used - credit to devs on that one.

We are missing a few features that are on the way, in the planning, on the roadmap etc, once or if these are done it may be quite a different experience. eg direct powershell, cmd scripting, proper offline alerts with back online notices, resolved alerts/tickets and so forth.
Automation that makes sense and easier to use or preset eg onedrive monitor and auto restart.

The new SD v2 is useless for me, cannot get it sorted at all, don’t/cannot use it and just read the emails it generates. That will be another post on its own, plus a support email.

I’ve always had a another main RMM in usage, I’ve since pushed all endpoints over more or less just in case, as I need to support my clients.
In fact I have even self hosted a solution that covers 90% of what I need for casual/break-fix clients.

As such I’ve restructured and reduced my future licencing costs by removing a few older unused system, culling most endpoints to just free or XCS profiles, leaving just a handful (around 40) endpoints on paid rmm.

I still look forward to seeing the platform mature and want keep using it myself, but not fully 100% if my cost doubles and I’m duplicating on another rmm.
I pass on costs so that’s not really the main concern, just a minor part as you often get what you pay for, hence free rmm usage was a bonus, I paid for extra licenses just for that component anyway.

My total cost will now be less that what I was spending before, not good for the platform plus those that have left!

In fact I’ve spent way too much time redoing profiles as the billing forecast was crazy wrong, having a XCS profile on a system with no AEP installed counted as a licence.

Having multiple profiles assigned was simply not working no accurate billing counts, that means deciding to either redo profiles per customer or do a generic one for free, xcs, rmm and add too many rules for exclusions or have a massive whitelist.

The profiles once understood are very powerful for both onboarding and maintenance usage.

Overall all the red flags forced me to reassess my needs and make some changes.
Hopefully one day I also are able to bring most systems fully back over once the dust settles.


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Should all be resolved @stefanoradam

If you have issues please reach out to me.

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Hi @DevoteamEndpointSecu

Thank you for pointing out the pricing difference and that remote control is not included with others for free.

We are ITarian and this is not changing.

C1 which was a Comodo product has become Xcitium Dragon.

Both portals and platforms are similar but different and will be even more different over time.

Hi @nhpvm,

Welcome to the forums for ITarian.

Sorry to hear you feel this way about the product.

Something I need to make 100% clear is that Xcitium (Comodo) antivirus never came free and was always a separate paid product.

We have now for many years had a price for RMM only and a price for antivirus, but we also had a deal with Xcitium which was called cost neutrality meaning if you had antivirus we gave you RMM for free.

The change is this cost neutrality has been removed meaning we are the same as all competitors meaning you need to buy RMM and AV separately.

Hi @mcfproservices

The billing change was a massive one for the company for sure, and the idea is to bring more flexibility and control to the end user.

Been quiet on here as been helping support and sales with issues just like these, but things getting better so answers all round!

You keep mentioning flexibility and control within your answers about the new billing system.

We had under 30 devices and got a bill for over 100 USD.
According to the info displayed at this very moment, our new bill should be 1.25 USD/ device. Simple math tells us that the bill should be way under 60USD.

IT Service Management Pricing and Platform Strategies | ITarian

The last notification we got for this topic was saying very clear that we will be informed about the changes before the bill in a new message.

“ITarian Monthly Device Utilization without cost-neutral coverage” - what is that about?

This is NOT clear/ transparent and it is unacceptable. We have NO choice but to dump your service and move anywhere else.

My personal opinion is that sub 50 endpoint users will move to a free alternative (there are many to choose from) and users with greater than 100 endpoints will get a better deal by moving to one of the per tech alternatives (again there are a few to choose from and all with more mature feature packed products than Itarian).

Unfortunately the move away from Itarian also hits the bottom line of Comodo as many who move from the platform will also have a plethora of alternative AV products to choose from on their new platform.

I well understand that for now there is a way to administer CES for free… but with all the twists and turns of the company in the past, my concern would be how long will that last…

I wish them well, but I’m out.

Dear @nephilim5070

Welcome to the forum as I see this is the first post you have made.

In regard to your pricing question, we have the same format as all other device-based alternatives now; but breaking down your example you would have the following: -

  • ITarian Basic = $0.00
  • ITarian Device = $37.50 ($1.25 x 30)
  • ITarian Mobile = $0.00 ($0.60 x 0)
  • Xcitium Client Security = $0.00 ($2.65 x 0)
    TOTAL $37.50

I have assumed that you have no XCS profiles or MDM profiles in use, and if this is the case then please contact support and we can resolve the billing issue for you.

If you have a device list that shows XCS against devices like below, then you have assigned antivirus settings to a device and will be charged for it.

Cost neutrality was the old system we had and removed as part of this change which should have been communicated in the emails we sent out.

Under the old system we had a price for ITarian Endpoint Manager (replaced by ITarian Device); but if you purchased an Xcitium Client Security (Was called Comodo Client Security or Advanced Endpoint Protection) we gave you ITarian Endpoint Manager licenses for free to cover the AV licenses so you could manage your devices.

The issue with this is that as more and more people took on AV ITarian lost out which only hurt development of the platform. We have now split this to match the competition, so you have one license for each system.

Hi @elzorillo

We will not remove the free access to manage your paid Xcitium Client Security products from within ITarian. You have paid for this license and the only way to manage them is via ITarian or Xcitium Dragon which is almost the same platform and layout.

Free is a hard thing to find, lots of companies now give a basic free RMM which does not include some of our features but do include others.

Our platform is the following service for you: -
ITarian Basic
A free license provided to all allowing you access to base features of the PSA, Service Desk and Endpoint Manager so you can have Remote Desktop features. (Remote Desktop is the new name coming for Remote Control)

ITarian Device
Paid License to enable RMM features which include agent branding, monitors, scripts, patch management and more.

ITarian Mobile
Paid License to enable MDM features.

Finding a PSA / RMM tool that gives you the free stuff we currently have and is on the card to add is hard, and I’m pleased to say the paid offerings are only getting better and better!

As I said… I wish you well. Our decision was purely a business one. With 300+ endpoints a per tech alternative was more economical for us at a third of the cost. The addition of better reporting, direct messaging/chat features along with the wealth of additional third party security products available has unfortunately also impacted on the number of further Comodo licences we will be needing. Thanks for the help and advice so far.


Hopefully we have explained the license information in full.

I shall close this topic as it is rather general.
If you have particular questions about this topic please open a new topic on that precise item so we can help.