Itarian is now used by over 10,000 active MSPs/Enterprises

Right after the Easter break the number of active (MSPs and Enterprises that use our Itarian platform daily and deployed it to run their infrastructure) has just broken through 10,000!!!

10,366 active Itarian MSPs/Enterprises using the power of Itarian to help manage their infrastructure!

We are so humbled to be able to service all of you! Thank you!

Thank you for all great job!!

Great job guys! Time to take it to another level.

Another level…here we come! :slight_smile:


Now it’s 10,366 + 1 :smiley:

This is wonderful news, keep up the good work and strong efforts

Great stuff!

I would be very interested to know some of the figures on the current, actual deployment/enrollment. Could we perhaps have a monthly post on:

  1. Total number of EPs currently enrolled
  2. The top 10 largest current deployments
  3. That month’s number of new enrollments
  4. That month’s top 10 largest new enrollments?

Could add Discoveries to the above as well to highlight this new feature.

Nice idea, but point 2 will not be possible due to GDPR unless you mean by device type?

Hello @amcssit ,

Well let our Product Management team check on this request and well get back to you the soonest possible we can.

Thanks for all the suggestions!


I did mean anonymous data - just the figures, not tied to any identifiable MSP, Enterprise or Customer.