Itarian RMM causes slowness issues

Over the past 2 months I’ve installed about 7 new agents on PCs and each one experienced SEVERE COMPLETE FUNCTIONALITY HALTING slowness for the first 24-48 hours after Comodo was installed.

I just installed this on a laptop last night. This is a FAST new laptop. The specs of this system make me outright jealous. It was working fast last night when I installed the agent & AV, and now it is CRAWLING. The installation of Comodo is the only thing that had changed on the system. The OS was up to date with patching, and the system was scanned clean before I started. So it is not D/L a bunch of updates or cleaning viruses.

The only thing I noticed helped was that she had been using NORD VPN for a while and I disabled that & it sped up a little (a VERY little).

This is just another example of the CONSISTENT issues with Slowness I am having when installing Comodo on my clients PCs.


@nnsit ,

We would like to assist further in investigating your report. We have created an escalation ticket to help you further with this issue. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience

Email received. Yes, I’ve read about the hotfix. but that was released 5 days ago. This is happening on an agent that I installed fresh last night.

Further investigation of your concern @nnsit will be discussed more in detail in the support ticket. Rest assured that we will get at the bottom of this performance issue that you are seeing in your enrolled endpoints.

OK, so I originally signed up for Comodo one, and got changed to ITarian. I just got the “ticket closed on COMODO side, re-open on ITARIAN side” email. So frustrating. I thought ITARIAN was just the new name for COMODO? Aren’t they the same thing now? If not, what is the difference?

Hi @nnsit the difference is that Comodo will focus more on security while ITarian will focus more on management and business process. Hope this clears up your query regarding the difference, as for the issue with the sluggish performance of your system after installation. We will be creating a ticket for you to further investigate the matter.

With best regards

ITarian is the monitoring and management company which is under the same umbrella company as Comodo.
Comodo is a security company and provide products that plug into the ITarian product system.

The issues you are having is with the RMM side of the Endpoint Management system which is an ITarian product.
The recent update on the 15th should have solve these issues hopefully as we found the RMMService part of Endpoint Manager was holding the HDD disk activity to 100% causing the machines to go extremely slow.


No, This installation was on the 19th, after the new version was out. The problem still exists with the new version.

Hello @nnsit ,

We understand that you are having issues with slowness after the installation on the 19th. A support ticket has already been created on the time you reported this issue via email. Please reply at your convenience.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.


Let me get this right, first there was a RMM, CPU usage problem, now there is a HDD utilization problem? This is why I have yet to leave Meraki MDM.
I can’t trust the iTarian RMM service to run as it should, yet.

@miker1000 , that’s not really fair. All software vendors experience issues with quality control, and ITARIAN works overtime to correct them and work with their customers.

And to be honest, I never experienced any other slowness or other issues with the ITarian RMM workstation install base. I can NOT say that for some other RMMs…


As stated above, all companies have their issues and it is how they manage them with their resources you would to be interested in.
Notice how open everyone is here about the issues, you will not find that anywhere else!

Also, just to keep you all on your toes the Microsoft Windows 10 patches for April cause major HDD and CPU usage issues!
This is NOT an ITARIAN or COMODO problem, but a MICROSOFT one!

I apologize for my snarky comment, and appreciate the info in the reply, and you are correct.

Based off of the comments from active users, and the responses from iTarian, I have started to implement using the iTarian RMM service, and I agree, the service and support appears to be great, and attentive.

I’m migrating away from Cisco Meraki MDM, which doesn’t have nearly as much available as this platform has.

So glad to hear you can see how active and helpful we all are.

The system and ethos here is great, we get speed bumps but they get solved.

If you ever need any AV licenses to go into your Itarian system let me k ow as we can provide these for you.


We’ve sent a follow-up on your behalf. Please respond to the email so we can have our developers take a look at your concern with urgency.

Thank you.

I was just curious… the minimum requirement to run CCS according to the help guide shows 384 MB available RAM; 210 MB hard disk space for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions; CPU with SSE2 support; Internet Explorer Version 5.1 or above for Windows 10, 8/8.1, & 7. Is there a recommended set of hardware for CCS to run optimally? The reason why I’m asking is that a majority of my clients PCs are still using older hardware. Most of these devices have been taking a hit in terms of performance(CPU use going to more than 95%, RAM use going up to 95%). Is there a setting which I can tweak to have CCS run without sacrificing the PCs performance?

Thanks in advance for all the responses!

Hi Vntanseng,

Good day. We will be creating a ticket on your behalf on our service desk to collect information from our developers and provide you with an update as soon as possible.