ITSM agent prompting for Enrollment

Wants the host, port, token. I’ve used this agent site many times, have uninstalled ITSM and attempt reinstall. Still prompting for enrollment information.
(Where can I find the information to plug it manually). Have not tried on a different machine yet, but it worked previously on many.

Hello @Rickkee ,

The manual enrollment information can be found in the enrollment email. If you are using an older agent installer, the token could be expired, please try to download a new offline package or download the agent using the link from a new enrollment email.

Thank you for the fast response. I downloaded a new agent from the Bulk Enrollment section. Previously it would install and activate without the need for manually entering the information contained in the new enrollment email. Now, even using the link, Chrome and Firefox prompt to download the file. Running the file gives the same prompt for credentials. Luckily, it worked, but it was automated before. Can this token be used for multiple machines with Active Directory or PSExec push install?

Well , manually entering the information it hung on activating for 10 minutes. After 7 tries and 45 minutes, 7 downloads and uninstalls, it finally worked. Maybe they just fixed something. :slight_smile: The issue is resolved for now.

Hello @Rickkee ,

We are not aware of any ongoing issues at this moment, I have attempted to enroll a few devices on my side and everything worked fine every time.
Please let us know if the issue persists so we can escalate it for further investigation.

I am seeing this behaviour now. Entering the enrollment information manually is not practical when trying to bulk enroll devices via Group Policy. I presume it is supposed to enroll automatically when you use the Bulk Installation package?

Hello @shane1

Yes, the Bulk Installation package should enroll the device under the selected user and also activate the Agent.
One thing to keep in mind please, is to NOT change the name of the installer. This is an important step as well.

Please advise the outcome.

That was indeed the issue - thanks!

I tried a lot to much but still getting “Error, unknown device.Please contact yout Administrator” error either with enrollment mail or offline installer package. İ didnt count but it is approximately my 10+ tries. Still it shown up on devices list> as NO NAME device and still agent is saying activation required :confused:


If you didn’t try before, could you please try to delete the record from portal first and then try to re-enroll?

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hi ilker

I did it.Honestly it was few months that i have not try to install the agent to new machine, it was the first time that i was trying to install it.I have never face this error before. i was bought 4 notebooks and i was trying to install em the agent.but as i said i was getting this error. I transport the machine to our client so it is too late for testing new methods on it for now.May be few days later when its reaches to its destination i can remote it and test.

but as i remember delete everytime before installing it over portal

But i have a new machine in my office that i have never try to install it an agent. I will try to install it and if again not activated i will try one more time deleting it over portal and re-enroll it and post you the result here.

Hi @siyam ,

We will never get tired assisting you.
For your case, we already created a support ticket for further investigation.

still waiting :confused: up… :frowning:

Hello @siyam ,

We are still working on this case and we are so sorry for the inconvenience brought by this issue.
We promise that we will get back to you as soon as we get any update.
Thank you for your patience.

i just tested it again and somehow i can activate :slight_smile: Thank you

Hi @siyam ,

You are welcome. We are glad that your issue is now fixed.

I did have this issue a few weeks back with a fresh bulk install package that I had downloaded (not renamed), I have since downloaded it again and run it on another computer and that had worked so it seems that the other package may have been expired