ITSM agent tray icon

Please do:
When end-user put mouse pointer to ITSM tray icon - it show not “Client communication…”, but device name in ITSM device list in C1.
Was problems when we can identify user’s PC with ITSM device list.


We apologize that your having some issues with ITSM. We’re a bit confused about your second question “Was problems when we can identify user’s PC with ITSM device list” Can you please clarify, thank you

This is not issue. This is feature request.

Hi @Sergey, I just want to clarify on your request that you want “Client communication…” to appear instead of the device name on the ITSM tray icon whenever you put the mouse pointer to it?

“Client communication…” already appears. This is mostly useless information.

Much more interesting if we’ll see: “Client Communication [device_name_in_ITSM_device_list]”.

Often PC name has random name, it copies automatically to ITSM device list. Later, we look at device list, see PC and can’t understand - which PC this is.
From user side we also can’t identify PC. Also sometimes PC name changing after enrolling. In this case absolutely not possible identify this PC in future work.

I think every line, every symbol should carry useful data.

Thank you for the clarification @Sergey, we’ll create a ticket for this and we’ll coordinate with our developers as a feature request.