ITSM free license expiring


I’m getting a notification about my ITSM free license expiring in three days. is this not a free forever service? and only paid for if you upgrade to premium?

eh? Its free…

Hi @Marveltec

We are implementing auto-extend in Q4. Until that time, we are handling these cases through our support team. Please contact via email and it would be extended in a few hours :slight_smile:


Hi @Ilker

Thank you the support team have resolved the issue.

Mine was doing that, and I could not apply any antivirus to any endpoints. I called support, and they deleted my free license. Was that a mistake???

Hello @BOSS ,

The problems are not related. When creating a C1 account a free license is being provided and @Marveltec license was expiring in a few days. In your case it was a license association problem.

@BOSS we would be more than happy to provide the free license for core functionality if you don’t have already. Please contact with our support team.

However, Advanced Endpoint Protection is free only for first 30 days of Comodo ONE usage. For the rest, you need to buy Premium or Platinum license.

Please check our license comparison chart for better understanding.

How do you ascertain from the ITSM console if the purchased licence is Core, Premium or Platinum?

Hello @nct ,

In ITSM, please go to Settings > Subscriptions > List of Licenses tab and click on a license to view full information about it.

…but there is no mention of: Core, Premium or Platinum?

I see on page there is no “CDM Subscription Basic Edition” just “ITSM Subscription Basic Edition for SMB” for 200 user and 30 days or premium upgrade. Also now on login, i see the top page button change from “premium upgrade” to “license options”. When does these auto renews suppose to take place? And how?

Doesn’t seem like everybody at Comodo on the same page. New users on sign up don’t even get the core option at all, 30 days then premium.

Our UK distributor has now advised us of the cost of Platinum licences and they dis-proportionally more expensive then Premium in our opinion. We’ll be sticking with Premium.

could you please send me an email to identifying which distributor that you are talking with? I would appreciate it.

@TechnoEXPRESS Comodo One /ITSM is Free. You will never be charged. The subscriptions only apply to Advanced End Point (AEP) and Valkyrie (manual analysis by human experts) capabilities.

Your Comodo One ITSM license will auto renew through a product release update in the near future. You will not see this error message moving forward. Meanwhile, if you see a warning about license expiration (usually after 365 days after activation), please send an email to The license warning message will be resolved rapidly.

We appreciate your patience while we work to permanently resolve this issue. The new product tier labeling will also be reflected properly in the Comodo Account Management to remove the confusion.

OK, i notified support, Also when will the ITSM on-premise deployment software get the updated version?

If you’re referring to ESM, I’ve been told that’s not being updated.

no, this here

Hello @TechnoEXPRESS ,

Thank you for your feedback. In order to get an exact response to your question, we have sent you an email message asking for a bit more info. Looking forward to your reply there.

I’m now getting the same notification that it’ll expire in a few days. I have ITSM on 68 stations.

Hello @PromptCare

We will forward the request to have your License renewed. We will contact you via email one it is done. Thank you.