ITSM on premise newer release


we are looking for ITSM on-premise ,
but now is version 5.4 and clould has update to v6.9
it have many different feature.
when will update the on premise version?


Hi @yu.jasper ,

We have been informed that the implementation of the OnPremise is planned to be delivered in November 2017.

Hi Sir,

Dose ITSM on premise version have any new release? Now still in V5.4
And waht’s the roadmap of new version release?


Hello @yu.jasper ,

The roadmap for new release for ITSM on premise should fall within this quarter (2018Q1).
We will send you an email regarding the update if there is any change in the release date.


I live in Australia so I keep getting time out issue with the current online version. I would go full comodo if I could get it to either be online in AU or run an OnPremise version. is the OnPremise version the same as the web version (except for the version number right now)

Hi @cccservices,

The roadmap for new release for ITSM on-premise should be within this quarter (2018Q1). We have added you to the list of partners interested in this feature. We will send you an email momentarily and advise when the feature is released.

Thank you.

Hi is there an update on when you will update the on-premise version?

@focuspc ,

We will seek an update from our Product Developers if there are changes on its release schedule. We will provide you an email notification as soon as possible

Hi Sir,

Is it any update schedule of on premise ?


Hello @yu.jasper and @focuspc,

The planned release of the New ITSM On-Premise version is 2018Q2. We will keep you posted via this forum page for further update and information regarding the new On-Premise version. Thank you

Any update on this? We will gladly know if there is release in Q2 or if it will be postponed again, thank you

Hi @flamco.the.unique ,

We apologize that your suggestion for a Feature Request: " ITSM on premise should be on the same version as ITSM cloud " has not yet been implemented and has been rescheduled for Q3 2018.
The product team balances many requests and at times tradeoffs need to be made. We will also send you an email regarding the update if there is any change in the release date. Thank you for your patience.

can you give an update on this to us all? I am getting to the stage where the current solution is just to slow. Right now I can not access RMM because of requests timing out. Either I need the ability to host internally or comodo offeres australia based amazon hosting

Hello @ccservices ,

We will update your associated ticket and we appreciate you providing us the feedback.
Rest assured that we`ll send you guys an update for any changes on the aforementioned request.


Hi there, any new info about on premise installation? It is still planned on Q3? Thank you

Hello @flamco.the.unique,

Good day. The planned release for the mentioned feature request is still set on 2018Q3. If by any chance there is a new update with the request, we will relay it via this forum page and related support ticket. Thank you

Any new news about this release?

Thank you

@flamco.the.unique ,

We have asked our Product Developers to chime in on this post and give details to this Functionality Request.

Any news?


Keen on knowing more about the onpremise option too… especially way down here in NZ