ITSM web console will not load

When attempting to go to the ITSM - Device management webpage I get an error message


Well, looks like things are back to normal, next time you guys bring down the entire interface it would be good to give us a few days notice!

Hi @jtlogic ,

Any upcomimg update to be made on any Comodo platform is posted on the Forums for all users to be aware (

Surely this was an unplanned outage, not an update? The sooner you set up a status page the better.

@nct @jtlogic

This is complete rubbish. This months notes werent released until after the update was under way!!! I know because i had to ask for them. Previous notes have appeared on the day which is still way too late. These release notes as well as notification of an outage should be published at least a week before the update is pushed.

@Joners fully agree.

I agree, my clients were not happy when I had to physically go to their locations to work on issues because ITSM was down

Hi @jtlogic @nct @Joners,

Thank you for everyone’s understanding and trust in the system as our CEO has committed to everyone, stability is the main focus now.