[January] What's New on Patch Management?

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases over Comodo ONE and ITarian on Saturday (2019-01-19) morning! The release is expected to take 4 hours to deploy, during which time Comodo ONE and ITarian will be in maintenance mode.

Patch Management

New Features

  • It’s now easier than ever to create a patch procedure. Simply click the ‘Create Patch Procedure’ button in the ‘Patch Management’ area and away you go.

    Here is the wiki of this feature.

Bug Fixes
  • On Endpoint Manager portal, patch release date information was showing in wrong format. This is fixed with January release.
  • On Global Software Inventory page, link to installed devices was showing ‘no results’ message. This is fixed with January release.
  • Skype 7.40.151 on Windows 10x64 was not uninstalling via Software Inventory, this is now available.
  • Even though patches were installed on endpoints, Endpoint Manager was showing that patches were failed. This reporting problem is fixed with January release.
  • Even though a patch was selected to be applied to a single device, Endpoint Manager was applying it to all devices automatically. This is now fixed.
  • Patch Procedures now scans the latest available patches for the device at the time of scheduled date/time is up hence keeps the device up to date all the time!
  • DisplayCAL packages require Level Selection option to be set for silent uninstall, hence silent uninstall for DisplayCAL is now available with January release.
Best Regards, -Begüm

Product Manager

@BegumB Any progress yet on supporting Skype V8.x?

Hello @nct ,

Thank you for your message.

We are supporting Skype 8.34 for Patch update and windows app store installation now (uninstall support is coming soon). Please feel free to check and share your comments with us!