Kill a procedure

Hi, Would it be possible to kill a procedure that was executed on multiple machines? We have a procedure run on multiple devices by a user and would like that to be stopped immediately!

@nikki ,

Please try to reassociate a different profile on the machine to override the currently loaded profile where the procedure had been executed

Dont see how this will help.

I can run a procedure outside of a profile.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say once a procedure has been triggered you can’t stop it.

Thank you @dittoit that’s what I thought

It may still be possible @nikki and @dittoit to stop a procedure from being (fully) executed on the target endpoints.

  • manually stopping/pausing the ITSM service on the endpoint side
  • make the endpoint go offline (network-wise)
  • turn off the endpoint

It’s not ideal especially if it’s not physically possible at that time.

Thank you @Rick_C !