Knowledge Base

Are there any MSP’s out there that would be willing to export and share their knowledge base to help a new company get started. It would be greatly helpful to have something to start with and then build upon it.

We were trying to use the Knowledge base for our IT documentation, but the editor is really clunky, so we’re just going to use OneNote for now. Unfortunately all of our documentation is all customer specific so it can’t be shared. Basically we document things as follows:

  1. Employee onboarding and offboarding process/checklist, so when a ticket is opened for new hire or termination a new helpdesk person will know exactly what steps to take, where to find the installers for any custom software that role will need, what groups to add the user to in AD, etc. etc.

  2. Complete map drawing of the site, labeling departments in a grid format as well as the location of any critical IT components. We plan to add the “GRID” location of the computer to the PC name for easy location by an onsite service tech.

  3. Spreadsheet of patch panel termination locations (again, grid address + additional helpful information), photos where necessary.

  4. IP address map for statically configured devices.

  5. Complete inventory of all non C1 managed assets (Linux servers/vmware/switches/wifi APs/IP cameras/phones)

  6. We put passwords for everything and any sensitive info like backup encryption passphrases in a password manager (you could use dashlane/lastpass/keepass/whatever your preference).

  7. Common/regular issues and how to resolve them (Dashboard server doesn’t seem to be working? Here are the troubleshooting steps to bring it back online from past experience)


Basically you want to build your documentation/knowledge base from the perspective of a tech who knows nothing about your customers. It may help to review all the tickets your customer has ever generated also. You can use C1 ServiceDesk’s KnowledgeBase, I’ve just found using the editor to be a frustrating experience, so we’ve gone with OneNote since we can glue in spreadsheets and all that easily and with O365 (I assume EVERY MSP uses this because of the MS Action Pack) you can view all your documentation easily on a mobiel device with OneNote installed.