Korumail 6.7.4 Released!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce our new release. This release provides some important fixes. This post communicates all of these changes in Korumail Secure Email Gateway.


  • Bugfix in database connection process to prevent any resource leakages.
  • Bugfix in e-mail processing to prevent possible mails stuck in e-mail queue.
  • Bugfix in deployment process to overcome possible misconfiguration problems related to Office 365.
We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about this release, feel free to ask below.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail

Sounds good guys, will look at doing this soon.

Also have a ton of improvements to send your way.

Hi @Oytun and team.

One thing that would be good to revive back into service is Greylisting

At present this technology for us has been discarded due to the mass uptake in online services and multiple outgoing mail servers being used these days as it delays emails for days sometimes.
(See more information etc here https://www.strobe-it.co.uk/greylisting-relevant-or-dead/)

I’ve been thinking about this problem and how we can look at solving it!

In KoruMail you have recently released under the Relay section of SMTP (which I’m looking to move to soon), the Office 365 Check. The idea behind this is great and something I would like to expand on to solve our issue.

I believe we could look at adding a new section under SMTP called Cloud Services or something similar. With this new section I would move the Office 365 Check under there and add a similar check for GSuite as this is currently missing. Within the Relay section you would still need the Managed Domains part but for O365 and GSuite.

Once this is done the lists could be added to Greylist as a whitelist (tick option to enable of course) meaning this mas services do not get emails bounced forever!
Hopefully this solves the issue for mass public cloud systems; but does not solve big businesses as of yet.

To tackle this I was thinking of a greylist DB and alerting. I’m not sure what greylist engine is used in KoruMail or if we can add to the existing DB or if we need to create a new one, but I was thinking we could look at logging a users email address and each attempted delivery server for a small period like 48 hours. The magic then comes in the form of alerting! So we could add an alert to KoruMail that sends an email to the admin it say the same address attempts the same email X times from different servers. With this we could look at the DB and the IP addresses and see if this is a spammer or a proper multi server platform we need to whitelist.

I hope you like the idea, as I believe this would bring life back to a great technology as spammers are getting more inventive and stopping the source before rules should be easier.