License for Dummies - Can someone in simple language explain License agreement?


Okay. I signed up for Comodo One.

Got 1 free License by default for signing up.
How many total devices can I add with this one license?
How many total users?

What is the standard going pricing ( Monthly ) ( Yearly ) for each device?

Thank You,


Hello @replevinorder

The ITSM Subscription Basic Edition For Comodo ONE allows you to create as many users as you need and enroll as many devices.

Please note that the Basic Edition has a limited time (1 month) containerization and Antivirus protection with Comodo Client - Security.

The Premium license can be purchased per user, where 1 user means 1 Windows device OR up to 5 mobile devices.

For any pricing inquiries, please contact

Hi, for the licensing part can you assign licenses to individual devices or do you need to buy for all devices

Hello @enlightenedit ,

You need to purchase licenses only for the devices on which you want to keep using the Advanced Endpoint Protection software (Comodo Client Security). After purchasing a Premium account, a license will be consumed for each enrolled endpoint on which you install Comodo Client Security.