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I saw that the itarian license is timed … what happens once it is finished? Do I have to pay the license or not?

@martino ,

You might have missed an early discussion about license management released last 13th of April. You can view the discussions here. You can also visit the guide for allocating licenses. Should you have any other queries feel free to send an email @ .

Thanks but i do not find the point where understand if this software is free or not…
In detail I use itarian only for computer managing and not for antivirus protection and i would like to undestand if it will remain free also after the end of the licence time.
Colud you help me?

The use of the C1 / ITarian platform (espcially the Endpoint Manager) is FREE for life. We will never charge you a cent for its use on managing any number of endpoints.

The use of the ‘antivirus’ software (Advanced Endpoint Protection) though is not totally free. You can use (deploy) them on your managed endpoints for a 30-day trial basis. Since you mentioned @martino that you do not use the ‘antivirus software’, you need not worry about any expiring license.

@StrobeTech recently posted a detailed explanation about licensing on another thread, but I can’t seem to locate it. I’m sure he’ll provide a link here too.

Hi @nct

thanks for highlighting this for us.

@martino the licensing is an odd and open system which is in a possible change phase at present.

Looking at the various products and systems you can get on this platform, I have put together a quick guide below: -

ITarian Products
Endpoint Manager (Formally known as ITSM) = Free
Service Desk (SD) = Free
Quote Manager (QM) = Free
CRM = Free [Would not advise you look at this currently]

Comodo Products
Dome Shield
Dome Shield comes in two levels ans is designed to protect your DNS traffic and provide roaming clients and phones with VPN.

  • Dome Shield Gold is Free and enables you to have protected DNS etc, but after 300,000 requests in a month (all clients added up) you can no longer make changes to the settings that month. The next month this is reset and you can change stuff again.
  • Dome Shield Platinum is a paid product which gives you the full features all the time. This is priced in brackets of DNS requests; and if you are interested we can provide you pricing as required.

Dome Secure Web Gateway
Dome Secure Web Gateway is a cloud hosted VPN Proxy solution based on AWS. This is priced on the number of users needing protection and we can quote as required.

Client Security (CCS but also known as AEP which is Advanced Endpoint Protection)
CCS is the main product people use as this is the AV, Containment, desktop firewall etc.
By default you can deploy as many installs of this as you wish without seeing any trial notice or billing information. This is because the system is provided with trust and requires you to have read the Ts & Cs of the product and how you install it.

In short, what you need to know is: -
Free for 60 days
Licenses for installs after 30 days is required (Come and speak to us for best pricing possible)
Failure to purchase licenses could end up with AV and complete ITarian access revoked

Dome Firewall
Basic version is free and there is a premium version available. Please speak to us for more information.

Dome Antispam
If you want to provide your own hosting on a dedicated server you can use KoruMail which is free, or there is the hosted Dome Antispam MSP version of KoruMail which is subscription based. Please speak to us about licenses as complex as currently based on users, domains and more.

Very big topic covering many products, so if interested please let us know what parts etc and we will do our best to help.

cWatch EDR
There is a 1 year trial you should still be able to access, after this you need to purchase licenses, these are based on per machine.

I hope this helps a bit, and if you have a questions please free to contact us.


ITarian / Comodo staff please correct / update if we have missed anything as I know these things can change quickly.