Licensing methods are not for MSP

Hello everyone,

This is Ayhan from Comodo ONE Product Management Team. The feedbacks are great and we are glad to hear such experienced MSPs to add value to our product. We gather these feedbacks and put into our roadmap about licensing as we sent you some mockups for this.

We will come up with the features that will ease your licensing, tracking and managing of them along with the features that we are working on to serve your needs better each and everyday.

We are here for you to serve best platform!


@StrobeTech Yes, I agree that there is value to having that degree of a CRM integrated with C1, and I wasn’t trying to be argumentative. I tend to stay out of most discussions here if I don’t have anything of value to add, but in this instance I felt obligated to defend Comodo and their platform because @smartcloud used some unfair language in his post, and I happen to have a bit more experience as an MSP than most others. These posts should be a place for constructive criticism instead of devolving into negative comments, and after some more coaxing he was able to better explain his needs without as much negativity.

For the record, I think the C1 management and development teams do a wonderful job listening to the comments and responding to product requests. Having used 6 different RMM platforms previously in full production and deployment, and having evaluated at least another 6, I can assure everyone that nobody releases both fixes AND feature updates monthly except Comodo. The successful integration between the CRM, PSA, and the RMM side of the IT management platforms has really only started within the last 5-7 years. C1 is as polished as any others are at this point, and that’s saying a lot because they’re competing against products that are already 20 years old.

I have yet to find a single product that does everything the way my company wants it, and I doubt anyone else will also. Therefore, we/you end up modifying our workflow to adjust to the changes. The product that requires the least amount of changes for your team will usually be the one that wins out, assuming it isn’t cost prohibitive. For some people, that will be Autotask or LabTech/ConnectWise. But others will really enjoy C1 - especially MSPs that are newer/smaller where it’s easier to modify their workflow. Most MSPs would be grateful for this product in its current state because the price : performance ratio is outstanding.