Link CRM Quotes to Comodo Quote Manager

I have recently introduced the Comodo CRM to our Sales guys and they are quite liking the Comodo Quote Manager alongside it. Unfortunately, some of the guys have started to create quotes on the CRM, and then complained that they are not visible in the Quote Manager. Is it possible to get both systems working together and have quotes created in CRM appear in QM (and visa versa)!

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

As of now, this feature functionality is still being worked on by our development team. We will provide you a notification once this feature becomes available.

This would be great, we are avoiding CRM due to this

Hi @curatrix_pl @StrobeTech
The suggested integration of various functions between CRM and QM currently shows on the product roadmap in Q3-Q4 2018. Thank you for your patience.

Hoping that’s a typo… Q3/Q4 2018 is a long way away.

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

We’re sorry for getting the implementation longer. Our always goal to our customers is to provide stable service that’s why we have to always make sure that every implementation of new feature was being carefully studied and examined.

If I am understanding this then, the current process of having to create a lead in CRM to manage it then create another contact in Quote Manager will continue for almost another year? It is really problematic for us. Is there an interim that you could do to at least bulk copy (on demand) the companies and contacts into Quote manager? This isn’t a great solution but at least cuts down on rekeying and errors.

Hello @AAllen,

We understand how these issues had caused a delay in your tasks and had become upsetting. Comodo strives to deliver the needs of the MSPs and had continued to do this even more as we have moved in an urgent momentum to put stability across in all components. Our product team balances many requests and at times tradeoffs need to be made. We will do all we can to process your requests asap.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Stability is needed asap and so is the new or should I say standard features like this.

@StrobeTech ,

We agree. Rest assured we’re on this roadmap. Making C1 more stable than before