Local control settings and features needed

Some clients need the ability to control anti-virus properties.
It appears regardless what settings or profile configurations are changed or created, every 15 minutes or so ComodoOne will overwrite any and all changes to the local computer AV.

It will not work for our clients who travel the world with laptops and need to add, change, allow firewall rules to be created,
I’ve spent several hours trying to have my way with desktop side configuration changes, only to have them overwritten every 15 minutes.

It would be helpful if exclusions could be created on the desktop, for such a superuser, then have the settings saved to the server.
Most helpful for the MSP to be able to configure everything on the desktop, and have the settings saved, or at least be able to export and import into ITSM.

Is it possible create a new profile on the desktop, configure everything and export the settings, just the way I want them, and import the configuration into ITSM?
Is there an ability to allow a “super user” or “unmanaged user” to be able to control their desktop AV?

(The current controls by right clicking to disable AV/Firewall etc are reset every time the agent checks in…)

Hello @Rickkee ,

Regarding the ability of importing COCS configuration from an endpoint, this is already possible. It is a 2-step process and it is best described here. In short, you will have to export the profile from and endpoint by using ITSM (Device List > click the endpoint > click ‘Export Security Configuration’ button), download the settings from Exported Configurations tab, then go back to Configuration Templates > Profiles and import the settings (Import > Import from Comodo ONE Client - Security Config file).

Regarding the other request that is wrapping the above request, currently there is no way in ITSM to give the ability to an end user to manage the security on their own computers, but I will escalate the request and we will keep you updated on the progress.

Thank you for your feedback!