Machines dropping offline on remote controll

I have servers starting to drop into offline state in remote control.
Even though they show as connected or online in C1, remote control shows them as offline.
Is there a script to restart the remote control portion of the agent

And sometimes when they do come online, I get device isn’t ready when trying to connect.

Hello @gamelofter,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Please check the Windows Services and look for ITSMService and ItsmRsp make sure they are running. Change the ITSMService to Automatic(delayed) and restart the service then check if it will connect/go online.

You may also use this script to change the ITSM Service from Automatic to Automatic Delayed start.

We look forward for a positive outcome.

Is there a script that can be used to restart the requires services. As these machines are not rebooting, just dropping offline in the remote control session manager…

Hello @gamelofter,

You may use this script to change the ITSM Service from Automatic to Automatic Delayed start:

Thank you.

That is NOT what I am asking for… That is not the problem… These machines are working fine one day and the next they are offline.
The machines are not rebooting, the services still appear to be running. They show as online in the rmm panel, but not in remote control…

@gamelofter, online/offline status is base on connection to xmpp and by making sure that the ITSM services are all running is one solution. Since you have mentioned now that the services are all running but still experiencing the problem, we will continue the troubleshooting via support ticket to investigate and to have this issue resolved.

We will email you shortly. Thank you for your patience.