Material Entry Not Working

Cannot add materials to any ticket as any user including the Company Admin user account that is the Super Admin account for C1.

Cannot any search results to return but checking admin panel it displays the materials we have in C1.

Hello @azon2111
We thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We were able to reproduce this bug with different browsers (and OS platform). We failed to add a Material entry to any ticket (old and new) as the form failed to show any matching results even though we already typed it exactly (or even copy+paste). We can see the current list of Materials like you do in the Admin Panel and even add new items there.

Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we, in C1 Support, will work with our product development team to ensure the best possible response. While we strive to achieve resolution as quickly as possible, issues that require configuration changes are typically completed in less than five business days and those that would require a code change will be available with the next release. After the team has reviewed your issue, we will pass along any additional updates.

Seems this is a wide spread issue with search as I can reproduce this same type of issue throughout the tickets themselves

Try adding a CC to a ticket or Collaborator. Looks isolated to the ticket form/templates from what I can tell thus far.

Please put an urgent fix for this as we need these features working.

We updated your ticket accordingly and rest assured that this concern has been forwarded to the developers.

Any updates? Our monthly invoices go out tomorrow and this not being fixed looks bad in the report section (having to manually update materials for each ticket).

Hello @azon2111,

Good day, we would like to inform you that the solution for the issue will be deployed on October 21, 2017. Thank you

Guys, you consistently break functionality that MSPs are actively using to carry out their jobs. I understand that this is a free platform but if every day I wake up to functionality that used to work but now does not how can I endorse you product in any way. Moreover, by pushing the fixes out for month(s) at a time for features that have already been rolled out to your user base does not promote a workable system.

This goes back to me now evaluating, after spending 2.5 years with you all, to buying a product from another vendor because of this very thing. Pretty bad when a person gives you this much time towards helping you develop the product yet you don’t understand this concept after telling you this for a year now (same stuff I have said many times along with others).

Also worth noting is the fact that this issue is not exclusive and this problem of breaking existing functionality and then saying will be fixed in 4-6 weeks like we are asking for new functionality

FYI, for instance, add a company in C1 portal and then try to create a user in ITSM and attach that company and company from autosearch doesn’t even appear.

New functionality is great but failure to maintain the current functionality and ask for end users to wait 4-6 weeks for functionality they use a daily basis is pathetic IMHO. That would never work for my clients as they would never accept that as doing a good job.

@azon2111 ,

We understand how these issues had caused a delay in your tasks and had become upsetting. Comodo strives to deliver the needs of the MSPs and had continued to do this even more as we have moved in an urgent momentum to put stability across in all components. Our developers are working round the clock in giving resolutions to reported issues and will continue do so. We will do all we can to resolve the matter you have reported.

And we appreciate the efforts by all C1 staff in this matter, but simply stop trying to deploy more features before they are mature and fully vetted. Realize that having existing functionality working is FAR more important then new features. Slow your dev cycle down and focus on fixing outstanding issues with smaller incremental updates that fix existing functionality issues before diving into new features. This is how proper dev goes. Creating more features that simply create more issues is not how the dev cycle goes, Roll out new features when they have been properly vetted and understand when you release updates that you need set aside the bulk of the programmers to fix bugs introduced by the updates not continue working on new features. Fix bugs first and new dev secondary. My company develops software and follows a strict adherence to release schedules and full vetting/testing of new features and then stops all other work the day of new version releases to address in real-time the bugs that are not found by alpha and beta testing by programmers and use case testing. Realize that products that consistently fail to meet quality standards at time of release require immediate attention not 4-6 weeks to fix bugs. These are bugs not 4-6 weeks worth of programming. Understand that quality over quantity is far more important to end users as it makes a system dependable. End users find ways to make existing functionality work for them based on their limitations but can do nothing with a system that fundamentally breaks existing functionality with every single release. Who is in charge and what coding standards are you executing against. What life cycle are you employing with regards to dev processes and procedures?

FUNDAMENTAL PHILOSOPHY OF BUILDING ANYTHING - Measure Twice and Cut Once - If you don’t understand this saying then look it, stop making excuses for the bad code release practices that have been going on for more than a year and think before you do.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way - We love seeing C1 become a feature-rich platform but this really has to stop. Today alone I woke up to ITSM completely down with everyone else. QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY folks, it’s what sets you apart from others. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work and put down the bad.

“We recently invested heavily in a new cloud infrastructure and moved it all to Amazon (2-3 weeks ago). We had many hardware based outages due to limitation of our data center provider. a good chunk of them have been now addressed. After the transition we faced one or two configuration issues that affected service desk…thats solved too… So lately we are seeing a more stable operation thanks to new amazon infrastructure. Of course now we are focussing on adding even more stability for the next two sprints.”
~ Melih

Thank you.

Still cannot add materials to existing tickets. Resolution date was 21st. Pleas advise.

Hello @azon2111,

We appreciate for letting us know that the issue still persists on your end. We have responded to the support ticket associated with this matter to gather additional and new details with the issue. Thank you

Ever since the Amazon change, the whole experience is painfully slow, autocompletes and lookups especially. Even posting to a ticket an update results in the timer being reset. Do you all need help with Amazon setup? One of my very good friends works for Amazon doing exactly this (large scale deployments of hosted applications for enterprise and is a lead dev) spoke with him and he said that most of your slowness is probably misconfiguration of Amazon hosting. He sees this a lot and talked about how much of a performance hit it can dish out when misconfigured.