Mobile device reports as offline on console

Iinstalled the client on my mobile android device and all was working fine. I was showing as online…mobile data was on. I later switched from mobile data to wifi and the portal says my device is offline and as such i can’t manage from portal. Does connectivity not work with wifi?

Hello @chales
Whether it be on wifi or data connection, an enrolled mobile device’s online status can still be checked in ITSM. The change in network connection can cause a delay in updating the status of the mobile device. As of this posting, has the status of the mobile device changed to the correct one (online)?

I’m still having the same issue…i’m connected to wifi and it reports as offline. Any help here?

Hello @chales ,

Thank you for reporting the case.
We need to further investigate your issue and we will get in touch with you shortly via email.

Thank you.

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