Monitoring 3rd Party Backups?

Is this possible with Comodo? Specifically Crashplan?

Hi @Velvis,

Yes we do have a backup solution available for our MSP providers which is Acronis Cloud Backup. We will send you an email for further information about the module/platform.

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Hi @Velvis

I believe the only way to monitor 3rd party backup applications outside of Acronis (as part of comodo one) would be you use windows event ID monitoring for the specific backup software you are using

Hello @Velvis,
You can configure a monitoring settings for your 3rd party backup applications so you can monitor it and an alert will be triggered if the conditions are breached. You can also configure automatic procedures to run if an alert is generated.

Refer to this link for more information on Monitoring Settings:

Hi @Marveltec ,
Thank you for your feedback and help.

New “Custom Monitor” could be an option to monitor this as well. You can scrip to monitor anything…