Monitoring "Removed monitoring" has been executed on device

I have a profile on all my devices, without online-offline status. But when a device shutdown i got that “Activity Monitor : Device is OFF More Than 900 Seconds”.
On notifications of c1 i got “Monitoring “Removed monitoring” has been executed on device”. I have the same problem on 6 devices from 88. All 88 have the same profile.
Can you advise please? Thank you.

Hi @jonman ,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will be creating a support ticket for you with regard to your concern to have the issue investigated as soon as possible.

Thank you, very much.

Hi, I have this issue also, can you tell me how to resolve this?

Hello @peter.munnelly ,

Thank you for reporting the case, support team will get in touch with you shortly via email to further investigate this issue.
Please feel free to reply at your convenience.

I resolved the problem by delete device from ITSM, and uninstall communication client from device. Then i reinstall communication client on device, and they are all ok now.

@jonman ,

We thank you for giving us an update as well on the support ticket. Should you encounter the issue again please do not hesitate to reach us