Need a script to detect if SSD is present

Please create a script to query Windows to determine if a solid state drive is installed and generate a report. I’m looking to do an inventory of all the systems to see what which ones have solid state hard drives installed (so I can determine which systems need to be upgraded.


Hello @RussKinch, please reach out to ITarian Support directly via to assist you in accomplishing this task. All script requests are done for FREE and will be worked on by one or more of our 350 highly skilled engineers.

Thank you.

@RussKinch Did you get a script written for this?

You can use the following PS script to list SSDs in a device:

Get-WmiObject -Class MSFT_PhysicalDisk -Namespace root\Microsoft\Windows\Storage | Where {$_.MediaType -eq 4} | Select DeviceID, SerialNumber, FriendlyName | FT

Hi @RussKinch,

Please check the attached scripts in the JSON format provided by our script developers to satisfy your request.

Note: As we don’t have a test environment with SSD hard disk, we have drafter below scripts to try.

Please let us know your feedback.


20191204-Detect_SSD_Presence.json (1.63 KB)

20191204-Detect_SSD_Presence_v1.json (1.77 KB)

Thanks for these scripts. I don’t yet know how to execute a json in Itarian. I assume I’ll be able to find directions for that. For anyone else’s benefit I have found that using the powershell command (get-physicaldisk).MediaType gives exactly what I needed.

Hi @RussKinch,

Please check the wiki explaining how to import a script in JSON format and execute it.

Please let us know if you face any issue.

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