New profile for Android devices

Hello ! I create new profile for android devices. One of it’s restriction is disable Google Play on device. But when i try to enter Google Play on this tablet, it’s runnig without problem and i can download and install any app from market(

Hi @serganto92
Please do make sure that the new Profile you created is properly associated with the device that you want to manage.

Please do make sure @serganto92 that multiple Profiles assigned to one device do not have conflicting settings. In your screenshot, two Profiles are associated with that one device. You might want to drop the default one in favor of the new Profile you created earlier.

Hello @serganto92 ,

We want to further investigate this issue.
Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.

Thank you.

@bob-sawyer ,

We have sent a communication email to you regarding your reported issue similarly reported in this post.