New release and new meeting...

Hi everyone,

We plan to have a new release on 16th of September for production. It would be available to you at the end of business day Friday to you on demo environment.

We would like to have a meeting to go over the progress and your feedback again on this Friday 11 AM EST. I will share the email invite as well on Thursday.

Here is the release candidate notes for your review:

IT and Security Manager
New Features

  • Now admins can limit the staffs access to certain companies! A new section “Access Scope” is added under ITSM->Users->Role Management->Role page to enable& disable access to each company. With this option admin can dedicate a staff to see only limited companies and not the other ones.
  • Added validation to ITSM portal for keeping at least one default profile for each operating system. Before admins could deselect all default profiles so that new devices were being enrolled without a profile; which is making the device management nonfunctional. Now we have set the system to keep the last profile as default mandatorily so that devise would always have a profile.
  • Antivirus logging is enabled by default for Mac Devices over profiles
  • Device management permissions are improved to cover actions like “Run Procedure”, “Manage Profile”, “Delete Device”; admins would be able to prevent the staff from taking these actions based on roles.
C1Portal New Features
  • Now you can also find and purchase more Dome modules in our store! Dome modules of Dome Cloud Firewall, Dome Data Loss Prevention and Dome Antispam can be purchased from C1 Portal Store. Dome Firewall On-Prem item is also available in store for you and can be purchased.
  • We changed Dome Firewall name to Dome Cloud Firewall and made it available for both C1 Enterprise and C1 MSP.
  • Acronis module accessibility issue is fixed.
  • Dome section widget issue is fixed. Page is loading successfully without any missing part.

Service Desk
New Features:

  • We are continuing to improve our reports options. Scheduled Ticket Report type is made optional and you can export your ticket details reports pdf and csv as well.
  • Department, SLA Plan and Priority of the ticket are made editable. Now you can change Department, SLA Plan and Priority section on the ticket details whenever you want.
  • We improved extremely useful feature for you. You can add open-text email addresses to the CC field for post-reply emails in addition to contributors.
  • Now you can add more than one email addresses based on organizations and it can be configured as an outgoing email address on replies. You can choose and pair default and available email addresses for each organization to send replies to.
  • Parent-child related lists are available for custom columns. You can make your own list and then connect them to each other to represent related lists.
  • User Lists view columns are made editable. You can customize columns for User Directory page.
  • When a new ticket created through ITSM, User will be automatically created as well to represent right user on Service Desk. Email address will be shown as name for that user.

I’ll be out of the country on annual leave on Friday, but will try and take part by phone if you email me the dial in number. There is no mention of updates to CCC or CCS,will there be any to address the ‘connecting’ issues with CCC?

I will be about Friday. I guess you missed all the “reliability” update parts :wink:

That’s exactly what I was wondering.

What time you thinking as I’m out from 14:00 GMT to 20:30 GMT

I have a few questions…

  1. Where is the stability updates / improvements as discussed?

  2. You say “We changed Dome Firewall name to Dome Cloud Firewall and made it available for both C1 Enterprise and C1 MSP.”, does this mean the FREE Dome firewall download just recently released has changed already?

  3. I’m guessing the On-prem Free is no more? (QUOTE: Dome Firewall On-Prem item is also available in store for you and can be purchased)

Hi StrobeTech,

Dome Firewall On-Prem is still free and only the naming convention in C1 App Store is changed to reflect versions of Dome Firewall in more detail.

In more detail:

There are two versions of Dome Firewall:

1)Dome Firewall Cloud : Cloud delivered and with full license
2)Dome Firewall Virtuall Appliance: There is Free and Full licenses provided and both are on-prem. For more details on On-Prem version and comparison between license types can be found at

Yes, we have been working on the stability as well, however, release notes are future focused. Our team can provide more details on our monthly meeting for stability improvements.

Meeting would be held tomorrow 11 AM. I sent you guys the invite email but here is the link to join as well.

Comodo ONE Feedback Meeting
Fri, Sep 8, 2017 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM GMT +03 // 11:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (312) 757-3121

Access Code: 901-563-021

Very disappointed to discover there are client software updates this month requiring a reboot, after I advised clients last week, the update would not cause restarts. You guys need to provide customers with full details of releases, especially after previously informing us reboots would not be a regular occurrence after the V10 release.

Hi @nct ,

Do your device profiles have Suppress the Reboot option enabled under the ‘Updates’ section?

We are sorry for the inconvenience.We had not mentioned CCS in release notes since there were no new features or visible improvements. But for the following sprints we will mention each module that will have new version.

No, @ahmetenes they don’t, because we want endpoints to reboot, to be sure AV etc is fully active after an update.

please help me out… Most of the online endpoints(servers) have automatically upgraded the CCC agent, to my knowledge no reboot.

yesterday, I manually pushed out the new version of CCS to my laptop, this morning no other endpoints are on the new versions, should this happened automatically or is a manual push out from the ITSM required?

@dittoit Your endpoints should check for the CCS update according to schedule on their profile. Were the devices online at that time?

@nct Understood. As I said before, we will be providing more information before the next releases to not get you in such situations again.

We seem to have issues after upgrades with blocking for windows files etc. We are still investigating, but v10 is still a beta product as far as im concerned and v8 should be brought back.

Currently speaking with support about getting back v8 as the v10 BETA / ALPHA is killing our customer base.

If anyone else needs this please say and we shall pass on downloads, scripts etc

Please keep me informed.

How many endponts of v10 do you have?. I have 34 mixed win10,7. Server 2102/16. I don’t seem to be having problems ??


Been speaking to Comodo a lot about this, we have a race issue on a lot of our devices.

We have issue’s where PCs could not login, access the internet or network drives, contain vita Windows files and more. This is on top of already having firewalls disabled to allow v10 to actually work.

We have now got some additional settings in place to help, and v8 installed on machines that still do not respond.

We are getting there, but a way to go yet.

StrobeTech had a problem with some of their PCs where due to a “race condition” some of the files were being marked as untrusted and hence causing problem…Root cause identifies, fix done…will be released shortly…

@melih @Ilker I’ve been on the phone for 2 hours whilst development have worked on an endpoint installing the beta release. It seems to have resolved the issue. Once again, very disappointed you have released a version with a bug which has taken over a week to resolve. We have previously been promised versions will be reliable - obviously they still aren’t! You need to provide us with a method of reverting to previous versions to provide an instant fix for problematic releases, so we don’t have to waste time on the phone to support/dev. Also, why will the release tomorrow require a reboot again, when we were advised V10 updates would not require reboots?