New Releases on Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform (08/27/2016)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo ONE Portal, IT and Security Manager, Service Desk, RMM Plug-in and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) on Saturday (08/27/2016) morning. It is expected to have no portal access up to a few hours on IT and Security module and there might be brief connectivity issues for the rest.

In addition to user interface and experience improvements, you can see the list of new features, improvements and bug fixes below.

IT and Security Manager

  • Enrollment token expiration date for Bulk Installation Package is changed from 30 days to 90 days.
  • Sending e-mails option is disabled in default alert.
  • Renaming improvements are made on columns statuses on "Certificates”>“Certificate List" page.
    • “Unknown” value is changed to “Request Pending” on column “Expiration date”
    • “Not Enrolled” value is changed to “Request Pending” on column “Status”
Bug Fixes:
  • Execution logs of Monitoring and Procedures didn't work for some portal's users. Problem is fixed.
  • When login session expired on Active Directory page system couldn’t lead to re-login page. Problem is fixed.
  • Bulk installation package was failing because of using of existing enrollment token. Problem is fixed.
  • Disk monitoring wasn’t able to read the actual value and was resetting the alarm. Problem is fixed.
Comodo ONE Portal Improvements:
  • Welcome email for MSP accounts improved by addition of a button as "Get Started" which directs you to special welcome page for MSP so that you can schedule demo or learn about main functions via start up guide
Service Desk Improvements:
  • Marking emails sent from service desk as blacklisted or spam problem inside of mailbox is fixed so that you can get all emails properly
  • For user who do not have any registered SMTP mail in their Service Desk, default mail sender is set as so that they do not have to use personal mail and get unnecessary replies
Bug Fixes:
  • Direction problem of tickets which are under monitoring tab of ITSM is fixed so that you can see directly details of tickets
  • Mail problem of scheduled reports is fixed so that you can get your scheduled report the time you want and run your business by provided data
  • Repeated greeting message for mobile application at every login is fixed so that you do not have to see same notification at every login.
Customer Relationship Manager Bug Fixes:
  • Text displayed in comment popup which is shown for opportunities, leads, contact, organizations is improved to lead you properly
RMM plug-in Improvements:
  • Performance tuning for Remote Preview Version mode is done for Peer to Peer Connections.
Best regards, Ilker